VIC - Craigs Hut track Circuit Rd to Circuit Rd

Arranged By: Bonz (Vic)
Start Date: 26 Nov 2004
End Date: 26 Nov 2004
Updated: 21 Nov 2004
Attendance: 6


If the weather is good I am planning on taking my Dad and eldest daughter and whoever else jumps in the Patrol for a day trip up via Mansfield past Craigs Hut over the hill back to the Circuit Road.

Final details are: Meeting at the Service Stn at Mansfield at the Buller end of town at 0900 (ono), my ph no is 0419 343 626, if you need to contact me for anything. Will be on channel 10 UHF. Planning on heading up via Telephone Box Junction and the Circuit Road to Craigs Hut, Back down along Monument track, Bindaree track, then up to Bluff hut and off home, a few stops and a feeed in between somewhere. I got maps. We are set.

Registration & Attendance (6)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Arranging Member
V19653 System Admin 1 what time at mansfield if its not to early(6am) we will be there
V160705 Turriell 1 Count me in as a "potential". I'm camping with friends around Woods Point this weekend & may be able to make it over to Craig's Hut... Are you planning to be there in the morning or afternoon?
V12177 System Admin 1 You cannot drive over Mt Stirling from Craigs Hut at the moment. You can get past Craigs to the monument track and then you have to go down to the circuit rd again. Stirling tracks are closed due to their condition (wet).
V160139 Way2go 1 We're in! Let us know the details.
V20498 Crazie 1 We are keen, might head up tonight and stay in mansfield and camp on a friend block of land. We will pull out somewhere during the day to head home early, bloody compromises.. hahaha

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