ACT - Cape York 2008

Start Date: 04 Jul 2008
End Date: 04 Jul 2008
Updated: 18 Jan 2008
Attendance: 5


Update 29 April 2008

This trip is definitely on. Margaret has booked her flight this week . anyone interested please get in contact us so arrangements can be further firmed up.
timetable is variable but looking at leaving Cairns between 6th and 8th of July then spending a few days around Daintree prior to heading futher north.


Planning another trip to the tip.Last one was 1999.
This time will be taking the camper trailer as SHMBO is coming along.
Initial plan is that I will drive up to Cairns first week of July and Margaret will fly in on Sat 5 July.( start of our school Holidays)

Timetable is flexible ,we have allowed 4 weeks from Cairns to Cairns and will include Cape Trib,Lakefield, Weipa,OTT,Seisa, Punsand, Tip, TI,Elliot Falls,Capt Billi,
Chilli Beach, Laura and hopefully Palmer River, Chilligoe on way home.
Anyone interested in travelling together over that time or for part of the time is invited to MM us and discuss further options.

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V159950 Newby 1 Arranging Member
V161272 Brumy 1 Will etl the in-laws know...I think they pick up their camper tailer in April and will be needing to go somewhere....I will pass the msg on to them....
V39722 System Admin 1 Just be aware Palmer to Chillagoe via Palmerville is a private road and is closed and patrolled by a very irate property owner.
V161153 Tom&Jeanine 1 Youngest is 21 on 30 June so need to be here for that. New 2008 Kimberly camper arrives here end March/early April so will need to test it, 4 weeks seems ok put us down as tentative (almost certainty) let you know closer.
V52012 Terry P1 1 Hi - we have two couples heading for the Cape - leaviing June 27. Probably around 4 weeks in the Cape and then across to Lawn Hill and the Gregory River before heasing back to Brisbane. 1 Prado, 1 Patrol and two Camper Trailers We may be lightly ahead of you.

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