WA - Collie Friday 18th Jan till Whenever you get sick of us!!!

Arranged By: Matt(WA)
Start Date: 17 Jan 2008
End Date: 17 Jan 2008
Updated: 08 Dec 2007
Attendance: 11


Hi Everyone.
We are going down to Collie on Friday 18th January. Rick and his tribe, are staying for a week or two. Darren(Bundy) will be there and Danica and I will be there(D will only bee there for the weekend as she cant get any more time off.). We will be Camping at potters Gorge and will be doing lots of tracks around the area. Rick and Darren both know the area so it should be fun. So everyone is welcome. There will be kids around so will be family orientated as well. Matt

Potters gorge is a camping spot on the shores of Wellington Dam about 15km's from Collie. There is toilets and a outside shower. Check this link http://www.collierivervalley.org.au/camping.htm
If anyone has any questions please contact me either via MM or email if you arent a member. Or call me 0417502211
Cheers Matt

Will post a bit closer to the date waht times I will be leaving if anyone wants to come down in convoy. By the way dogs are allowed on a leash and you can get a camper trailer or even a caravan in if needed.

Registration & Attendance (11)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2463 Matt(WA) 1 Arranging Member
V47256 System Admin 1 Sounds good, got it penciled in, wheres potters gorge ?
M3344 Member - RFLundgren (TAS) 1 I have it penciled in also. Probably Myself, Tracy and the 2 youngest kids. Due to work will also probably only be able to stay for the weekend.
V160801 Dunks 1 G'day Matt, will only just of got back from NZ if I can get a leave pass I'll try and get there. Mosyt probably just a day trip for me at best.
V1609 System Admin 1 Pencil me in as well - can you get camper trailers into the Camp ground?
V60714 Urshtnme 1 If I'm not working, consider me in!!
V18489 Alan S (WA) 1 Looking good for the weekend as well. Dont know if the kids will be there but me, the wife and he dogs are planning to attaend.
V45693 Rossco105td 1 G'day Matt, Have cleared the weekend with the boss(can't get any longer off after the last trip) Jo's due mid March so prob just me...
V66926 Bob in the Bush 1 Hi Matt, I live in Collie and have just found this WEB site, what a beauty have a look at thread 52262 to see were are going. I am about to pay for membership so will diary in your gathering for a day visit to Potters. If you should need any info re: local area feel free to email me see above thread.
V111023 Carree (WA) 1 Hi Matt , wife and I will get up for at least the day on Sat and am trying to get the w/end from fri nite. Sound like a good w/end n will see you there
M783 Member - Bentaxle 1 Hi Matt. Unfortunately I've had to pull out for health reasons

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