SA - ExplorOz National Gathering 2008 Innamincka

Arranged By: Kempen
Start Date: 08 Jul 2008
End Date: 08 Jul 2008
Updated: 05 Dec 2007
Attendance: 48


Let us all meet at the Town Common Camp Ground, Innamincka from 9 July 2008 to 14 July 2008.

1. It is equidistant for most Eastern and Central Staters but a long way from WA
2. There is plenty of camping space(but will have to share with other travellers)
3. It is on Cooper Creek
4. There are long drop toilets at the Camp Site
5. There are Hot showers and Flush toilets at Innamincka
6. There is a Pub
7. There is a Bush Shop with fuel supplies.
8. The camping costs should be minimal
9. Lots of places to visit nearby such as Cullyamurra Waterhole, Wills Grave, The Dig Tree, Coongie Lakes, Bore Track, Minkie Waterhole, Walkers Crossing and maybe we can organise a tour of Moomba.

It would be good ig you can bring some extra fire wood along as well as your own. Kevin is bringing a trailer load for the Gathering Fire.

Cooking Competition judged by Aussichef
Fishing Competition judged bt John T
Trivia Night hosted by Kevin(of Darkie fame) and Kiwi(aka Laura)
Horseshoe Throwing Competition by John T
Kids activities
Short trips to the surrounding sites every day.

It will be advantageous of all those attending the Gathering acquire or update their South Australia Desert Parks Pass for easy access to all places closeby.

You can email me for any other info you may need through my website

See you there

Registration & Attendance (48)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M294 The Hob 1 Arranging Member
V160055 Timbo 1 Mrs Lexic and me shall be starters.
M2537 Sir Kev 1 I shall endevour to attend with all the clan, I don't want to miss another national Gathering LOL
V257 The Geriatric Gypsie 1 denny and i should be able to attend this 1
V160400 rossjd 1 maybe...but its end of financial year good to see all the retirees going
V160316 Steve R1 1 Better book me a powered site Bro. Guess a Kath would get us there if we don't take Moses. Time may change what we are doing though
V160961 Toga The Mist 1 I'd like some of that. (x2).
V160985 Robtracker 1 Can't wait. Willem, your a legend. Hopefully can find someone interested in a bit of a trip to get there.
M3014 MadCowz-lifemember (VIC) 1 I reckon we'll be in that, was planning to be through 2 weeks later but I'm sure we can rejig the trip......
V160371 Kevin W 1 Hi Willem & Judith Pencil us in for the time being until you have a set date we can look at. Much depends on certain things as you know, it's all up in the air here. If we go it means we have to cut the honeymoon short, which we will gladly do to go to another gathering! Cya Muddy & Judy :)
V160654 Scott & Suzie 1 Gday Willem, I will see if the school holidays match the dates and if they do, we will be there,, 2 adults 2 kids.... Best regards Michael.
M2990 Dave B ( ADL) 1 All going well, we'll be there. Dave
V96743 aussichef ( 1 Hi Willem Put the Barbara & i down as starters. warren aka aussichef
V161095 porto 1 All going well we'll be there.
V83996 System Admin 1 Holidays are already booked....and I reckon I can twist Doc holidays arm, leg, whatever, and we WILL be there!! Thanks Willem. Jen X
V160277 steve 1 Willem, count Annette & Me in. We had a trip out to the Cooper planed for this winter, so this will be the cream on top. Thanks for the organisiation Vince
V54313 RayJen 1 Hi Willem: we plan to be there. All the best, RayJen
V71437 System Admin 1 Howdy willem, Should be there, rain, hail or preferably shine.
V66300 V8 Patrol 1 I'll try & get up there for it.
M2654 Member - John T (Tamworth NSW) 1 G'day Willem, I hope to be there - my co driver has to sort out some time off but I'm working on her.
V57281 System Admin 1 I intend to be somwhere West of Toowomba and east of Alice Springs this winter. Innaminka early mid July sounds good. Count me in.
M1146 Sand Man (SA) 1 OK, We're coming this year. Had to pull the plug on the last one. Bill & Bev.
M3104 Navigator 1 (NSW) 1 Looking forward to catching up with those we know and meeting everyone else. Thanks Willem for organising gathering.
V160412 Here and Now 1 We will be returning from the Kimberly's early July so we will definately try and get there.
M415 Isuzumu 1 We are looking pretty good for it, not with standing all those things we don't want to hear we will be there, Bruce and Annie
V81869 Ruth D (QLD) 1 I'm coming over from Birdsville and then back again - probably Ian as well. Over one way and back another (hopefully Walkers will be open). 2 more Queenslanders.
V110903 Barnes 1 Count us 5 in!!!!!!!! I got the go ahead from Nathan....also going to con the out laws into coming seeing that they are pickingup their new adventure camper trailer in a few weeks...this will get them out of the house!
V19095 Nick & Glenda C 1 We will be in the area - just might have to drop in - ah! retirement!!
M302 Member - Stephen 1 Hi Willem. We'll be through there for a day or two. 2+2. It'll be good to put faces to names at last....
V4589 System Admin 1 Des Lexic and Roachie reckon they will be lonely so we are going to join them.
V38402 sheepie 1 Will likely be there on the weekend (12th/13th) - couldn't not at least say hi after the great response to my Strzelecki question :) Me, my son (coming on 13) and the Forester - maybe my bro from Adelaide and his two sprogs.
V52574 olcoolone 1 Just 2
V34152 Happy Gutz 1 I'm out. SWMBO has a new job, no time off. Bugger
M3006 Gone Bush (WA) 1 We will be there.
V70353 Peter S74 1 If all goes well after desert crossing, will be there x4
V13550 Clipper 811 1 We will be there. Coming in from Cameron Corner & Merty Merty. Anyone else travelling this route?
V26717 trendy 1 Can finally say, I will be there with wife and 2 kids. Look forward to catching up with many of you again and meeting others not yet aquainted with us. Thanks for organising it Willem (and others involved).
V160838 GoinThere 1 Leigh and I will be coming. Some has to look after his Royal Toadiness whilst he is down mexico way :)
V74111 H&B 1 We are on our way
V59551 F Liackman - NSW 1 Me & my better half - be there Friday (better late than never).
M4027 Member - Scrubby (VIC) 1 I will be there, on my own but looking forward to meeting everyone. Hope to arrive there 6th or 7th if not before.
V69269 System Admin 1 I will try and be there I am coming from Birdsville end with 4 other 4wds on the 14th . At this stage I don't know if we can get thru due to the road closures being cordillo downs road,and arrabury.We will have to get a helicopter in. I spoke to ranger other day and the roads are to remain closed till 20th . So fingers crossed they may open them earlier. I'll have to catch the hangeroners as most of you may have keft by 14th.How you getting into innamincka with all the road closures.regards peter
V160172 Tassie Trackers 1 Gday explorers, count my family (5) in...will expect the fire to be lit when i get there on the 10th...hope the yellow bellies are hungry :)
V30026 Zukscooter 1 I shall be there around the 5/6/7/ car has been packed for a week,no food or clothes though.
V106417 Pitbull1 1 Well now, One cannot let Ross and Trevor out and about having all the fun, no telling what trouble they will get up to together, so best I pack and join in.
V75217 fianddon 1 Hi there - we met a couple of your members in Lightning Ridge and they just happen to mention this gathering. We are currently in Yowah, then stopping off in Thargomindah so we are on our way (2 adults - Fina and Don). We also have a tagalong with us (1 adult - Andy) so if we could book 2 unpowered sites that would be great. Looking forward to meeting you all.
V50366 Ozrover 1 Sorry all, working in the Alice & can't get away (peak season), Hope you all have a good time & say gooday to the guys at the pub & trading post for us. Anyone travelling through to the Alice stop at MacRange holiday park & say hello (book ahead!). Jeff, Karen & Connor.

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