NSW - West Kunderang Wilderness Adventure

Start Date: 17 Jan 2008
End Date: 17 Jan 2008
Updated: 28 Nov 2007
Attendance: 12


A weekend in a wilderness area right next door to the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park west of Coffs Harbour, east of Armidale. Camping close to the Macleay River, 4wding,fishing and relaxing.

I have just spoken with Cindy at West Kunderang - yes the rain had caused the river to rise a bit but it has peaked and is now going down. Provided the weather is kind to us, the place will be picture perfect. I'll be talking with Cindy much closer to the dates and will post info as it comes to hand.

OK good folk – I’ve spoken with Cindy McCrae from West Kunderang today and this is the story. Cindy and Max will be down at West Kunderang on Friday and possibly there most of the weekend.
• When and where do we meet:
I’ll be leaving Tamworth about 12 noon on Friday 18th Jan and getting to the turnoff to Raspberry Road by 2.30 – 3.00pm. I’ll wait at the turnoff for a while.
I’ll probably stay til Monday morning and get back to Tamworth mid afternoon
• To get to Raspberry Road:
From Armidale take the waterfall way towards Coffs Hbr /Grafton. Continue along this road til you reach the Kempsey Road – abt 40 k’s from Armidale.
Travel down this road (gravel mostly) and cross the Styx River (about 20 k’s from the Waterfall Way) until you see the raspberry Road turn on your right.
Take raspberry Road and drive down it for abt 34k’s until you reach the East Kunderang/West Kunderang junction. DO NOT TAKE ANY SIDES ROADS BEFORE THIS JUNCTION. Take the right hand fork to West Kunderang – abt 2.5 k’s down the hill you will pass a gate that is usually locked – continue through and after engaging low range. The last 6 k’s is steep, through a cutting with sharp corners and deep dish drains so take care. Alternate wheels tracks to protect the road.
Continue through 2 white gates and continue into West Kunderang.
• Camping site, fees etc. – Cash or Cheques – NO EFTPOS or Credit Cards
We have been allocated the site known as CEDAR TREES – the premier spot so I’m told. As Cindy will be down the bottom she can take the fees and get the paperwork sorted as soon as you arrive and get set up. Fees are : $7.50 per adult per night and $2.50 per school age child per night. A $10.00 road maintenance fee is applied to each vehicle.So for me 2 x adults for 3 nights $22.50 + $10.00 = $32.50)
• Stuff to Bring:
Yourselves naturally, food, water, drinkies, nibbles etc (be self sufficient) There are no showers except at the cabin and we aren’t there) so if you want a shower bring one with you. The Macleay River is on our doorstep so a refreshing dip may well suffice. I have the Twine thing under the bonnet. Did I mention to bring Drinkies hehe.
• Things to do:
Fishing, 4wdriving, relaxing, swapping yarns, swimming, canoeing, kayaking etc. If you intend to have a fish (bass) remember to have a NSW Fishing Licence or buy 1 from Cindy / Max.

Contacts: Cindy 67781264 (after 8pm) or leave message. Me (John) 0419438085

Registration & Attendance (12)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2654 Member - John T (Tamworth NSW) 1 Arranging Member
V161684 GU 2 1 I am keen to have a look at the oxley wild rivers area
V160985 Robtracker 1 Pencil me in. Sounds like a nice piece of country.
V161272 Brumy 1 Pencil us in, just depends which job nathan is with at the time!
V19509 Wayne NSW 1 I should be able to attend.
M1458 Dave(NSW) 1 Hoping to attend,depending on work commitments.
V110942 Winley 1 Change of plans.. We shall be there!!!!
V49842 CLC50 (QLD ) 1 Hi John I have a question ,will you be setting up a base camp for the weekend in one area . Regards colin cleary
V160388 Ken D 1 I am pretty sure I will be there - with bass gear, plenty of food and a few reds .
V26717 trendy 1 Yep count me in QLD flag flying high. 2 Adults 2 youngens. Couldn't give too much notice or some off this forum might have planned another flagnapping mission. PS Towing the Supreme in also so slow going for me.
V24642 Pezza 1 Yeah, better add another trouble making Queenslander to the equation, 2 adults, 1.5 dirt magnets.
V160277 steve 1 3 extra bodies. That makes 5 of us in 3 trucks. I hope to be there around lunch time on Friday.

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