QLD - Landcruiser or Double Island Family Gathering

Arranged By: lok60
Start Date: 02 Nov 2007
End Date: 02 Nov 2007
Updated: 20 Oct 2007
Attendance: 2


Thinking of maybe doing a family gathering at Landcruiser or Double Island- any takers ?

I have 1 boy 13 and 2 girls aged 11 & 9

Leave Friday Afternoon and Sunday back home when it suits

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V84668 Cornel B 1 I might be keen mate let us know more when you know more...a beach trip will be nice
V110942 Winley 1 would love to but working, I get 5 days off from Nov 9 but can't take ay before that. Jo

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