Arranged By: Penguin
Start Date: 08 Jul 2005
End Date: 08 Jul 2005
Updated: 14 Nov 2004
Attendance: 35


This is it everyone, it will happen 05 at Birdsville at this stage Ruth at the caravan pk is OK and Karsten at the cafe is excited and me and the family are good so lets get it on EO register for inaugural National get-together or EOs big BBQ the weekend of 9,10,11/07/2005.
Imformation is below.

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Registration & Attendance (35)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V10956 Penguin 1 Arranging Member
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Pencil us in. Will depend on work commitments ect.
V96743 aussichef ( 1 Yes i think 2006 victoria & South Australia already have a combined one for march 2005 But where & whenever it is , the bride & boys & i will be there warren
V7990 andpancho 1 Me and SWMBO are definites.
V160316 Steve R1 1 Baz would love to get there but you make it difficult with the end/start of financial year for anyone who is trying to control a business. I understand the want for school holidays but you can make it difficult Baz...................
V10956 Penguin 1 Count us in Baz. I mentioned it to Ruth last night and her eyes lit up! School hols preferable but if it can't be done, tough - we'll still be there.
V22093 System Admin 1 We're doing a 3 month trip next year culminating in Birdville around October if it fits in we'll be there. Theo
V160102 John & Linda 1 Would prefer 2006. Would be a great event.
V21269 System Admin 1 Count me in. Anytime around then suits me. Hope it all comes together.
V160459 Hycon 1 At this early stage i will say Yes i will be there .
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 2006 for me too Baz
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 Who knows..
M832 Member - Ed C (QLD) 1 Would love to be there, but on current plans, we will most likely be somewhere in the Great Vic. Desert (Anne Beadell H'way) heading east around the proposed date(s)... But we shall see!!! Ed. C.
V19509 Wayne NSW 1 Baz, I will be there.
V160777 burchmill 1 We would love to come at this stage no problems, but who really knows with work.
V160783 James F 1 Baz, Please pencil us (2A & 2C) in will depend onoperation date for our son (8yrs) regards John M
M1019 Copper Coasters 1 If I'm not mistaken, that is the 1st weekend of school hol's and I start 2 weeks leave......so count us IN !!!
V160640 Hinesy 1 I'll be passing through the area at the time so might get chance for a cappucino or two. : ))
M294 The Hob 1 Baz, Going to include this one on our way back from WA. See you there!
V2263 System Admin 1 One in, all in I guess. Love it up there anyway
V14178 System Admin 1 Hope to make it, try out the new Camper. Leaving from Canberra around the 4th.
V160457 SKIDRO 1 Will try to time our transit through Birdsville to coincide.
V111302 Birdsville Caravan Park 1 Thought I'd better say that I will be attending! Going to be great.
V14187 System Admin 1 Baz, looks like we'll be there. Last weekend of school holidays for us.
M1051 Member - sparra 1 may be able to make it,should have better idea in a month or so.
V18702 System Admin 1 Hey Mike, i'm re-registering my attendence seeing as i arranged this hodown, should be a blast.
M1081 Trenty 1 My wife and I would love to come. If my wife can organise time off work for that period and we don't encounter any other problems in the mean time we should be there.
M1017 Member - Jiarna (NT) 1 I'll be on holidays between jobs by then, so count me in, with Anita and 2 1/2 children.
M218 Member - Howard (ACT) 1 at this stage about 95% sure . I already have the folowing week off but need to convince work to give me 2-3 days to get there, Its school holidays and the bank manager can come .Pick up the camper tomorrow so it will be a good test run.
V24529 System Admin 1 will be there,on our way back from the cape.after 10 weeks that will be our last stop
V25709 System Admin 1 I will be travelling across the Simpson Desert East to West via the Birdsville Track and the Rig Road leaving on Monday 11 July 2005 and taking about 4 days. Does anyone at this reunion wish to join me. I will be travelling in a 100 Series Landcruiser with my wife. Call me on (07) 3887 4089 if you are interested.
M4001 Member - William B 1 We should be in the area at that time and would like to put faces to names (2A 3C)
V27460 Pud & Barb 1 See you all there, Pud, Barb, Sarah and Sophie.
V160524 Mudcrab 1 Hi, Deb and I would love to be there but I can't get away from work. All the best to everyone and we will have to catch up at another time. Cheers Brian
M1077 Searenity 1 We will be there God willing, I mean Rochie willing

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