WA - Wandoo Woodlands Day trip

Arranged By: Alan S (WA)
Start Date: 09 Oct 2007
End Date: 09 Oct 2007
Updated: 19 Sep 2007
Attendance: 2


Day Trip out through the Wandoo Woodlands area behind Mundaring. Generaly a easy trip though we will look for some difficult sections so the kids arn't bored.

Meet at Mundaring Hotel at 9am.

Depending on weather etc generally head out to the Wandoo area. We could go via some sections of the Powerlines. Depending on the day we could go through to York or just come back through the powerlines. Fairly flexible and relaxxed day trip.
Finish the day at either Sawyers Valley tavern or Mundaring Hotel.

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V18489 Alan S (WA) 1 Arranging Member
V60714 Urshtnme 1 Good luck with todays trip Alan, few showers should make things interesting!

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