WA - Mid size 4wd bunbury and surrounds suspended...

Arranged By: Chris S1
Start Date: 28 Jul 2007
End Date: 28 Jul 2007
Updated: 26 Jun 2007
Attendance: 4


Unfortunatly I have to be in perth this weekend now! if anyone would like to get together please feel free to PM me and I will reorganise this trip!
Gathering of mid sized 4wd in the southwest to BBQand discuss further outings/possible formation of a mid sized family orientated non hard core 4wd club 12.00 pm bbq area of the LESCHENAULT PENINSULA CONSERVATION PARK buffalo road australind.

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M1934 BUSHEY 1 Gecko, Erin and I may be able to get down and say hello. I will let you know closer. cheers, Mike
V53748 Chris S1 1 Great look forward to seeing you :)
V1828 briggzee 1 Gecko, would like to attend but wont be able to confirm until a bit closer. If I dont we would be interested in further outings. Cheers, Craig
V160801 Dunks 1 Sounds interesting Gecko, I'll have a chat to the wife and may come down and join you all for the day

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