WA - Potters gorge - Wellington Dam - Collie CANCELLED

Arranged By: Matt(WA)
Start Date: 19 Jul 2007
End Date: 19 Jul 2007
Updated: 25 Jun 2007
Attendance: 5


Either come down friday night or Saturday morning. Hope these dates are ok for everyone. If not I am flexible.

Well we have a few people comming. I will be heading off from Safety Bay/Rockingham at about 130pm on the friday. Darren and Rick know the area well so we will have extremely able guides for the weekend. I have spoken to Craig and Dale(brigzee) from bussleton and Steve(phantom) from mandurah(both on the last day trip) and they are going to see if they can make it. My Old man will be over for the Week so he will be racking your brain about your terrican Dunc. So thats that I guess.

Third and Final update.
Darren is meeting me at my house at 2pm on Friday. We will be meeting up with a mate of mine on the southern side of pinjarra rd on the south coast rd and heading down from there. Directions
-South on South old Coast Rd
-Onto Australind Bypass road
-Left onto Raymond Road
-Left onto South west Highway(heading North) for Approx. 150m over railway line then right onto Coalfields Rd
-Right onto Wellington Dam RD
-Left into Potters gorge(Signed)
If you reach the Wellington Dam wall you have gone too far.
Contact Matt on 0417502211 if you want to leave with us from Saftey Bay at 2pm on Friday.
Darren(Bundy EO Member) has mobile reception all throught that area(high power antenna) so if you need more details after 2pm friday call him on 0437282557.
Channel 28 UHF is the channel we will be using down there. Hope to see everyone down there.

Darren rang Calm and they have closed of all tracks aroung wellington dam due to heavy rain. We are going to do a day trip up the Mundaring powerlines on Saturday 21st July instead. Meeting at the Red Rooster (on the Great Eastern) just east(500m) of the Roe hwy/Great Eastern Hwy Junction, at 9am tomorrow. Sorry to all that wanted to come but we will reprogram for later on.

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2463 Matt(WA) 1 Arranging Member
V160801 Dunks 1 Should of read this before your MM. Most probably Sat morning unless I can get Friday off work.
V68594 System Admin 1 yer Matt. all go we"ll b there ..and have spoken to Rick and he"all ready for it ......
V1828 briggzee 1 Yeah count me in but to qoute the misses "Collie in winter! you;ve got to be kidding!"So I will be by myself.
V161699 pete152 1 As usual with my luck, something always stuffs up the plans. I now wont be able to make the weekend. Good news though, I have booked the Cruiser in for a suspension upgrade for next week, so I will be raring to go next time. Apologies to all! Steve

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