QLD - North Stradbroke island

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Start Date: 02 Jan 2005
End Date: 02 Jan 2005
Updated: 09 Nov 2004
Attendance: 9


Heading to Straddy for the start of the year . I know there are afew forumites that want to meet up there , so add your name and email address , so we can exchange details and have a first EO get together for North Straddy.

I will be in Straddy from the 3rd of Jan 2005 till the 10th of Jan 2005 , I will be able to be contacted on my mobile 0418364781
I will be staying at Amity point , so if you see a Green 80 series with Plates TUF 080 come up and say hello. Also if you see a white Prado with EO sticker Numberplate NIK 111 it wont be hard to realise that its member Nick lol.
Hope to see you there

Registration & Attendance (9)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V11240 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Can not make this one but look forward to future trips. I hope you get a good turn out.
V48877 System Admin 1 Eric, Tentative at present due to work. I will try to make it though.
V160663 dunnodou 1 Would love to be involved in a future get together. I return from Europe about 2 weeks after this one..... DANG! How about DI point, Landcruiser, Charlie Moreland or Mt Mee at the Gantry.
V25022 Nick K 1 I'm in. Bring on the sunshine.
V22251 timborees 1 Will be in Adelaide at this time.....darn, would really enjoy any other events/times that may come up. Have fun!!!
V9909 Glenno 1 Will be camped on main beach during this time, so count me in.
V160573 Tumbi & Umbi 1 I would love to have been there but the swmbo is working the next day so maybe next time.
V160481 Gammer 1 On Moreton for 3wks starting same.

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