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Start Date: 08 Jun 2007
End Date: 08 Jun 2007
Updated: 12 May 2007
Attendance: 13


thought it was time for our own.....nothing two big just a meet and greet .a easy drive in ,some lunch and a chat then something a little more challangeing on the way out ......and for those wanting to camp out for the night we 'll most likely b staying at nanga mill....so ok for trailers to get in . ..meeting place and time..........(car park ajoining bottle shop and park....south bound side of hyway...at byford.........9:00 am....9th ofjune..)...and for those comeing from the sth ...10:00 am at the servo in dwelling up...if you know the dwelling up area well ..give me a call as i would like some track info on the area and with any input and ideas..0402.756.725...come on everyone ...after all its our state..lets injoy it togeather.........Cheers Bundy.......................

Registration & Attendance (13)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V68594 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V160801 Dunks 1 You got a start time and meet-up place at this stage? Good meet-up point is the bottle shop next to the park in Byford LHS heading South.
V160948 BEEP 1 Bugger - We will be in Melbourne that weekend - Have a great time
V1828 briggzee 1 Well done Bundy. We are self employed so will arrange to have the weekend off. Coming from Busselton so will probably stay overnight in jayco offroad camper.
V37103 System Admin 1 Good Idea Bundy Boy. I would love to come and know the Dwellingup/ Murray River area well. Some nice private camp sites south of Lane Pol Reserve, or big areas around Lane Pool and Nanga if there are quite a few people. I will give you a call if I am going to be back from work at Exmouth by then. Cheers Geordie
V48386 padler 1 I am afraid i fly out, back to work on the 8th, so unable to attend. But, i agree with briggzee, good on you for getting it moving and would have enjoyed going. I hope for the next one.
M2463 Matt(WA) 1 I have spoken to Bundy, Darren. I know the area pretty well. Am keen for the trip and will probly camp down there the night. Depends on how packed the area is
V160276 Borgy05 1 had planned to attend, but have to change plans. Hopefully next time
V161699 pete152 1 I would love to come and catch up with everyone. Just be for the day though.
V3399 greydemon 1 Would love to be there but I have to go to a wedding in the afternoon and The Wallabies are playing their one game of the year at SUbi that night. have fun
V45693 Rossco105td 1 Finally got the OK from the boss, we'll be joining in for sure. Good to put names to faces, Ross and Jo. May camp the night as well depending on numbers.
V23692 muzzgit 1 I have been waiting till it gets closer to see what was happening with my fathers 80th. Well it's on, and not only that but it's now at my place so sorry, can't do it.
V37276 4Harves 1 Its great to see sombody organising a gathering. Sorry Bundy Boy but i too am away at work. Have a great weekend and maybe catch up next time. Be prepared, it gets real cold at night at the nanga.

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