QLD - Landcruiser Mtn Park V EO Forumites (rnd 2)

Arranged By: trendy
Start Date: 30 Mar 2007
End Date: 30 Mar 2007
Updated: 21 Mar 2007
Attendance: 6


Last time it was Pezza submitting a gathering on my behalf, now it is reversed as his modem is taking a holiday IN TASMANIA!!!

We are going to spend the weekend of the 31st March and 1st April up at Landcruiser Mountain Park and invite anyone interested to join in. We will both be in our second cars so the harder tracks will be tackled by us but as most of you know, there is plenty of chicken tracks up there if need be and at worst we should only be disconnected from line of sight for short periods. At least there should be plenty of good photo opportunities and who knows Roofscooter may even get a payback photo this time. You all remember the photo of our ol'mate on the back of a Mack tilt tray after our last foray.

We plan to meet at park entrance around 9AM and camp at Cowah Falls (depending on crowds) and we will run on UHF 17 for at least an hour or so after getting there (again depending on whether anyone else is using 17 or not will dictate if we stay on 17) If you need directions or prices see this website http://www.landcruisermountainpark.com.au/

Hope to see many of you all up there.
Regards, Trevor.

Registration & Attendance (6)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V161029 suzi 1 Arranging Member
V160952 boabout 1 Sounds like a good trip guys and would have been a good chance to meet some of you EO members. But I will be at Neurum Creek on a club trip. Next time!
V44225 System Admin 1 I'd love too but I'll be camoing at Amamoor. I'm running an Advanced Course at LCMP in the middle of the school holidays though. Have fun...
V160990 Barryk 1 Woo hoo !! My modem is back from Tassie, with pics!!! HHmmm, looks like a quiet night round the camp fire so far Trev. C'mon you lot, the weather's cool, enough rain to settle the dust, get off your collective bums and get out there !!
V48338 scandal 1 Yes,I have clearance from the who matters,see-ya Sat
V84668 Cornel B 1 Sorry can't make it this time

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