QLD - Cabbage Tree Pt day BBQ

Arranged By: Pezza
Start Date: 24 Mar 2007
End Date: 24 Mar 2007
Updated: 12 Mar 2007
Attendance: 13


This gathering is posted on behalf of Trevor QLD as his puter has eaten itself and is still in the vet's being operated on. He is organising a BBQ and general 'get together' at the Cabbage tree point boat ramp, there is a small beach there for the kiddies and BBQ facilities close enough so the big kids can be flipping snags with one eye on the dirt magnets and the other on the esky :-)
This is a similar day to the one held last year at Jacobs Well, those that attended will remember it turned out a great day and is a good lead up to more gatherings for any new members/visitors by getting to talk/meet others over a beer or 3 for a few hours face to face rather than over a UHF whilst travelling in single file.
Cabbage Tree Pt is south side of Brisbane near Jacobs Well, take the Jacobs Well rd/Yatala exit at the BP service centre sth bound off the M1, follow Jacobs Well rd till you pass the Woongoolba primary school and Mill Rd, then instead of following the rd around to the right go straight up Cabbage Tree Pt Rd to to venue, once there it won't be too hard to locate us as the township fits into a half acre block (exaggeration).
Trevor and myself should be there around 9ish, so any time after that should find us there.

See you all there.

Registration & Attendance (13)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160990 Barryk 1 Arranging Member
V160985 Robtracker 1 See ya there.
V110942 Winley 1 we'll be there.
V160838 GoinThere 1 Bugger have to work
V106417 Pitbull1 1 I'll be there .... may stay Saturday night and fish.
V33154 System Admin 1 Love to come but need to check work comitments. Will be back to you shortly.
V161143 KesBes 1 Count us in, but will confirm later :o)
M415 Isuzumu 1 Would love to but a bit far (three hour drive) for Sunday lunch, maybe some where on the north side next time please. Have a good one.
V48338 scandal 1 sounds good,will be there
V161029 suzi 1 Of course I will be there, back online with new puter soon.
M1457 Member - Robyn J (QLD) 1 Lindsay and Robyn look forward to putting some faces to names on Sunday so we will be there
V43640 System Admin 1 New members and we will be there!
V57458 oldplodder 1 Will be there. Possibly 12 to 2. Look forward to catching up with you. John (AKA oldplodder) and Colette, the better half.

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