WA - Mundaring day trip

Arranged By: rickwagupatrol
Start Date: 13 Nov 2004
End Date: 13 Nov 2004
Updated: 20 Oct 2004
Attendance: 10


ok, folks who reside in the land of The Great Sticker God, time we got off our bums and had a bit of a gathering.
at this stage i envision a leisurely toodle along the Powerline track, stopping for a decent lunch along the way.
nothing to hard or strenuous, unless someone wants to go for a bit of a play...:).
approx 8am at the pump staion just below Mundaring weir,,,then take it from there. we finish sometime at the other end.....
just a quick update for the day.
a sunny day is wanted, so if anyone can make sure of that,,it would be appreciated. :)
for those not sure where the main pump station is : follow the signs from mundaring to the weir, as you round the big left hand bend at the bottom of the weir, there is a driveway on your left,,,zip in there,
channel 20 on the uhf for the day, as it seems to be the quietest at the moment.
hope to see you all there.

Registration & Attendance (10)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V5637 rickwagupatrol 1 Arranging Member
M302 Member - Stephen 1 Sounds like a fun day - count us in !!
V159991 Millsy 1 Rick, sounds like a fun day. We'll try to make it - at this stage 50/50.
V28129 System Admin 1 Rick. sounds good, got the date marked. at the moment its yes
V18489 Alan S (WA) 1 Count me in, looks like i am free at this stage.
V160421 edith2000 1 Rick.....Looking forward to meeting a few peeps....
V1609 System Admin 1 Rick sounds good. I should be able to attend - count me and the family in.
V160593 briang 1 should be ok just depends on lifesaving ,if ok Ill being the family in the school bus
V3765 sojourn 1 Rick, Jan and I will be there. Looking forward to catching up with other members
V3119 Terry B 1 Rick, I should also be there but without the tribe unfortunatley

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