WA - Jaurdi Trip over Easter

Arranged By: rickwagupatrol
Start Date: 05 Apr 2007
End Date: 05 Apr 2007
Updated: 18 Feb 2007
Attendance: 5


Easter is comming and it's time to get organized for the fabulous four days away. We will be going to Jaurdi for the break, taking us and the little one. There is not a great deal to do out that way, except relax, drink some port at night and go for a bit of a drive exploring the area. All are more than welcome to come along, but you have to remember that self sufficiency is a must. The nearest major town is Southern Cross, where all supplies are available.
This will of course depend on the weather, if it's to hot then it won't happen, nor will it happen if rain is forcast for that weekend, mainly due to the chance of getting stuck in there....:)
So its up to you lot as to weather you come or not, but we are going to get away from the ratrace for a few days.

itis with regret that we will be unable to attend this trip due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control. I hope that the rest of you still go and enjoy your weekend away from the city.


Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V5637 rickwagupatrol 1 Arranging Member
V82280 Mick W 1 Me, the wife, the son and the pouches are travelling the Aurora and Helena ranges, and are looking at travelling out through Jaurdi. If we do, we will stop and say hello. A bit limited to where we go this easter, as the house sitter is not available, so the pooches are coming. Hope you have a good one, and we might see you out there Mike and Erin
V47256 System Admin 1 Hey Rick, Paula says yep were in. Its the bit about the port that sealed it..........Lionel
V160544 Ferals 1 i will be doing a trip to sthn cross and mt elvire with peel4x4 club - sthn cross for a few days and then a few days at mt elvire.........if time permits (and i don't see why it won't) i will try and drop in for a hello.
V160527 Lemming 1 Hi Rick. Not sure of my plans yet.But got the date marked.

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