SA - Riverland 4WD Club Display Day

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Start Date: 03 Mar 2007
End Date: 03 Mar 2007
Updated: 04 Feb 2007
Attendance: 8


The Riverland 4WD Club is holding a Display Day at Barmera on Sunday March 4th adjacent to the Barmera Oval commencing at 9.00am.
There will at least 10 Commercial exhibitors there including Vivid Adventurers, The 12 Volt Shop, 4WD accesories, New Vehicles, Camper Trailers, Canoe Adventures, Radio Equipment, and club members displaying their different camping styles. Come for a drive and say G'day. There will be a number of EO Members present so it's a good excuse for a get together.

Registration & Attendance (8)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160055 Timbo 1 Arranging Member
M1019 Copper Coasters 1 We'll be there mate......It's a YP4WD Club trip now......we're booked into the Lexic campground according to Pesty....haha
V4589 System Admin 1 Seeing as how I am a paid up member of the YP4WD club, I will be there also.
V160473 johlaine 1 As Roachie said, well be there and we are camping friday and saturday nights as well so anyone who wants to camp with us contact me or Roachie for locations. I have your official shirts to Mr Lucy.
V110971 Kirkpatrick 1 Hi. Heather & I are thinking about it. Member Message sent to Pesty about camping facilities.
V37962 Muddies Doe(Trippn) 1 Hi Des Muddy and I will see you later Sat arvo. Looking forward to a scenic patch on the Lexic Homestead. (send Muddy a member message, if needed) Cya The Muddies :)
M294 The Hob 1 Hmmm Maybe I can sneak away
V51987 Andrew W1 1 The Mean Grean Machean will be at Barmera for the day... probably arriving on Saturday afternoon. Plan on going up to Mungo on Sunday afternoon and/or Monday.

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