VIC - Xmas drinks

Arranged By:
Start Date: 19 Dec 2006
End Date: 19 Dec 2006
Updated: 12 Dec 2006
Attendance: 15


Drinks at the Stamford...

Xmas drinks at the Stamford after work... I'll be there from about 6:30pm. Meet in the bar around the back, meals can be had there and of course a beer to celebrate another year gone...

Stamford Hotel
Stud Rd (Cnr Wellington Rd) Rowville 3178

20th was straight from Truckster, happy to change around a bit if another time suites...

NON MEMBERS WELCOME, there ya go Barn...

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V31424 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 Im there.
V20498 Crazie 1 In China now but will try and be there
V43323 Barn 1 Do you have to be a member to attend?
V4589 System Admin 1 Can I please attend this soiree
M2087 MUZBRY- Life member(Vic) 1 Love to come..I'll tell Wes and he may come as well..(.Wes is my little boy)
V161023 Walker 1 will be there
V257 The Geriatric Gypsie 1 steve and denny will be there and NO barn you dont have to be a member
V160241 seajac 1 see ya there all you softies
V22373 GazzaS 1 I will be there
V30026 Zukscooter 1 Hi guy's we have to be in Melbourne on the 21st for a boat ride to Tassie so if we can find the place we will see you all there
V21802 Glenn (VIC) 1 A good possibility for me to be there. MUZBRY, being the week before Xmas, kids won't be allowed entry into either bar. I found this out last year.
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Dammit I am booked out, Have one for me you guys, I love these Stamford nights, ahh cest la vie, next time......
V161076 bobby dazzler 1 Pauline and Bill will be there and hoping Truckster is still coming
V160329 Ian 1 Andrew working late so I will have a drink here and pretend I am there! Enjoy everybody.... and have a very Happy, Safe Christmas and New Year. Jen

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