WA - Sunday Saunter

Arranged By: rickwagupatrol
Start Date: 18 Nov 2006
End Date: 18 Nov 2006
Updated: 15 Nov 2006
Attendance: 9


Well the Patrol has had the 1000km service and its time to go get it dirty( or is that just dusty? ).
Anyhoot, we are going for a leisurly drive along the powerlines then out the back of the hills. Nothing strenuous, just a day away from the city( but more importantly, i get to use the second gear stick...i hope.)
Anybody who wants to come, we will be in Mundarung ,at the Dam at 9am, and leaving at 9.15am. UHF ch 20.
Usual stuff applies, with people having the option of hard or easy stuff. Lunch will be had somewhere along the way, so make sure you bring something,,,and dont forget the sunscreen for the kids.
18/10/06. Update
Meeting is at number one pump station. Follow road that goes around bottom of dam, at the very bottom, on the left is a driveway that leads to the pump station. Look for a gold patrol or yell out for me on CH 20.


Registration & Attendance (9)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V5637 rickwagupatrol 1 Arranging Member
V26598 Exploder 1 Arr.. Bugger I just did the Power Lines last weekend What time will you be hitting the Lines and at what location will you get on, I may drive up for another run. Cheers.
V14385 desray (WA 1 I would have liked to come along but how about a bit more notice next time
V47256 System Admin 1 On yer Doggy, should have the carby soughted out by then. Wot better way to road test it. See u there.
V68594 System Admin 1 hay there rick.........well b there this time ..last time i drowned me electrics att collie...so wasnt able to get back in time ....see ya there.........Darren
V160527 Lemming 1 Hi Rick. Might pop along.Chance to use 4wd again.Is that down the bottom like last time. Brian
V67156 David E1 1 Sounds good. My missus and I will be in - only question is wheather to take to 80 or hilux. Both are daily drivers so prob wont be going hardcore just wouldnt mind eeting some EO people. If anyones interested We will be heading back to the Weir Hotel around 2 for the lamb on a spit BTW where at the weir - it is pretty big
V23692 muzzgit 1 Well bugger me! Jacqui said yer lets do it, so rather than eeting a few EO ppl we will be meeting some. Spit roast sounds good too.
V22935 System Admin 1 I am really peeved! SWMBO has a concert in Perth (late night!) and to drive up from Mandurah at sparrow is too much for the old girl. Doggy, I know we can't be friends cos I'm a Cruiser/Engel man but we would have liked to meet everyone. Maybe next time! Steve

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