SA - Cape York 2007

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Start Date: 31 May 2007
End Date: 31 May 2007
Updated: 18 Oct 2006
Attendance: 7


5 week trip. Up through Cairns, Daintree, Cooktown, Lakefield Nat Park, Old Telegraph Track up and back, Frenchmans Track, Chili Beach,,,,, with the hope to see Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw and then come back via (to be decided at the time)....
We did this trip 06/2006 and know a lot of good camping spots along the way....

OK... Thanks for your replies and interest....
It is time for me to start working out how many people are definately coming so i need all 80% starters to email me asap. gqpatrol@bigponddotnetdotau....
This is so we can work out where to stay and at what campsites along the way...
EG,, if we have quite a sizeable group it is possable we will stop at campsites earlier to ensure we get good ones,,, if a coupla people then not so important..
Cheers guys..
I have lost track of who i have sent itinuaries to and who i havent....

Registration & Attendance (7)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V51117 System Admin 1 Hi voxson,we are interested in the trip and were planing to go with others at this time, but this might not be happening with them and we would still like to go there. There are only two of us and your itinary info would be helpful.
V39629 System Admin 1 gda we are planning to leave melb about this time so not sure if we can catch up with you guys would love to tagalong for our fisrt trip north..
V53703 rohan2 1 Hi Voxson, my wife and I are travelling up to Cairns with our c/van then leaving van at Cairns to continue up to the Cape it would be great to join you and the others to share their experiences....Regards Rohan
V93304 bigpooy 1 I will see you there I start a trip on june 18 All the best Eric
V56430 System Admin 1 hi there we are traveling up there around the same time any chance of getting the itinary as well to see if it fits in with what we are thinking of doing and seeing
V50914 Kym J 1 hello we would be interested in your itinary,we have 80series cruiser and camper trailer will this fit with your trek .sorry to be late but can you send us travel info .thankyou kym &toni
V11519 GraemeC 1 Hi, my son and I are leaving Melbourne on July 1st for 4 weeks. Will be a bit late for your trip but would be interested in the itinary. We may cross over at some point. thanks

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