VIC - Wombat State Forest - Blackwood Area

Arranged By: Member - John (Vic)
Start Date: 15 Oct 2004
End Date: 15 Oct 2004
Updated: 10 Oct 2004
Attendance: 3


Departure Time - 9 am from O'Brien's Crossing.
Trip Rating - Easy to Medium. (Med if Wet)
Limit - 6 Vehicles Maximum.
Fuel - Full Tank Ex Melb.
Radio - UHF Channel 10
Equipment - Standard Personal Recovery Gear.
Food - Bring your own Lunch BBQ or Sandwiches etc

Depart O'Brien's Crossing for an easy day exploring the tracks and general area of the Wombat and Lerderderg State Parks.
Area and tracks covered subject to some seasonal road closures still in effect.

Trip Leader reserves the right to determine suitability of vehicle and participants.

Member Message if you require further information.

Registration & Attendance (3)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160518 Edwards 1 Arranging Member
V160084 Morry 1 It's about time I got out, just have to pick up a new rim and tyre during the week and I'll be a starter if that's ok John
V4759 Bernie. (Vi 1 Ok John I know you can't go tripping without a Prado for company, good to catch Toonfish , & meet Ray & Lux. Oh no mud please it got a new shine on Thursday.

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