WA - Mawson Park Get Together

Arranged By: Groops
Start Date: 18 Sep 2004
End Date: 18 Sep 2004
Updated: 06 Sep 2004
Attendance: 16


Time: from 10am - 2.30pm for a BBQ lunch
Location: Mawson Park, Hillary's.
updated by Michelle on Monday 13th Sept - pls note you need to BYO food and drink, chairs, picnic rugs, hats, spare jacket (can get windy) football etc.

Michelle tells me that Mawson Park is a popular family and group picnic destination. Apart from having heaps and heaps of space, there is a central pond with residents ducks, geese and even black swans (and seagulls).

There are a couple of covered picnic shelters with tables and bench seating and free? gas bbqs and bins. There is a MASSIVE kids playground to suit all ages from 1-15yrs plus a bike track around the playground which has a white sand base. There is also a green grass football sized oval used for sport on Saturdays, a public toilet block that is ok, and the whole park is shaded by massive Tuart trees. The whole park is surrounded by a lowrise copper-log fence with grass parking surrounding the park on the verge off the street, which is Mawson Crescent. So all in all it sounds like the perfect spot for our gathering.

From some of the responses I had to my post #15950, I can see that some of you are keen to have a weekend campout or similar. Perhaps once we've met and had a chance to get to know each other a bit, we could organise an actual bush outing.

This will be a great chance to meet, mingle and put a few faces to names so we hope to see you all there!

:o) Melissa

Registration & Attendance (16)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160593 briang 1 yep the uppys will be there
V4983 george s3 1 I'll be there but may only be for a short time just to say hello
V160393 C & C 1 I will try and be there to say hi, work commitments pending.
M774 NIK `N` OFF 1 We'll be there (2 bigguns, 3 littluns)
V24933 Groops 1 Arranging Member
V160413 Chas & Jill 1 We will be there for sure!
M1 ExplorOz - David & Michelle 1 We will be there! David, Michelle, Leah and Chardae. Thanks Melissa for arranging this.
V160527 Lemming 1 Hopefully I can make it. At the moment its on
V2828 Thommo 1 We plan to be there, thanks for opportunity to say hello.
V160132 Sassy Sam 1 Melissa, we'll be trying to get there, work commitments are alays difficult to predict.
V160648 Bad Brad 1 Will be there thanks
M70 Member - Peter (1) 1 I will try to be there, depending on whether I'm in town or not.
V89703 Kevin P 1 We will be there, Looking forward to seeing the faces behind the screen.
M302 Member - Stephen 1 I'll be there in spirit only - work commitments :-( - have fun guys.
V160544 Ferals 1 i will be doing the 4xforum radio show on sunday morning on 100.9 so will give this a plug. if i can i will get along after the show. i intend heading up to prenjori and surronding area for the long weekend - might be something to do????
V160163 Bush Bratz 1 Have a big night out Sat night but will try and get there for a while.

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