Showing 2 wildflowers from the Eyre Yorke Block region

Common Correa

Common Correa

Classification: Rutaceae - Correa - Correa reflexa

Correa reflexa is sometimes referred to as Native Fuchsia, a name it shares with Epacris longiflora. Its distribution ranges from southeast South Australia,

Updated: 29 May 2016
Thysanotus patersonii:

Thysanotus patersonii: 'Twining Fringe Lily'

Classification: Asparagaceae - Thysanotus - patersonii subsp. manglesianus

Perennial climber: Roots tuberous: Leaves annual but infrequent: Delicate flowers have three distinctly fringed petals held upon short branches. Flowers and stems dieback to regrow in Winter.

Updated: 02 Feb 2015