Native Hollyhock

Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Malva
Species: behriana
Main Flower Colour: Purple


It has an annual to short-lived perennial life-cycle, and can be grown in cultivation as an annual or biennial. It has a herbaceous to sub-shrubby habit, with erect to decumbent stems extending to 1m (occasionally to 2m); the younger parts are sparsely stellate-pubescent. The foliage is light to mid-green in colour, nearly round, up to 6" across, shallowly to deeply (palmately), 3-7, lobed, and serrate. In damp environments the upper surface of the foliage is green and smooth; in dry environments it is grey and densely felted with stellate hairs on both sides. Intermediate forms are often found.

The flowers are white to lilac, extending to pink, mauve or magenta, with petals 12-25mm long, and occur solitarily or in clusters in the leaf axils.


The main flower colour is purple.


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Bio Regions

Great Victoria Desert (GVD)

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