Hyden Norseman Road

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DifficultyDifficulty 1.5/5
Suitable For4WD AWD 2WD Caravan Camper Motorhome Bike 
Distance312.31 km
Minimum Days1
Average Speed58.95 km/hr
Travel Time5 hrs 17 mins
Page Updated: 12 Nov 2018


The Hyden-Norseman road is an excellent alternative to travelling the Great Eastern Highway if you wish to travel between Norseman & Perth because you'll get off the tar and away from the trucks. In fact you may not encounter any other traffic, making this a relaxing drive indeed. There is plenty to please the senses along this route - infact it is a tourist route all unto itself, being marketed as "The Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail".

The route is mostly gravel, wide and easy travelling at close to highway speeds so generally it is suitable for all vehicles, including those towing caravans. Wet weather however can cause the road to be closed.

Travellers will find interpretive "sites" and stopping places along the way, as part of the Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail. These are signposted in numerical order from 1 to 16 from the Hyden end. It is worth picking up a copy of the free trail guide brochure at the Hyden Truck Stop or just download this trek note to know what to expect at each site.

We suggest this is a 2 day route if you are here to explore as it is still a 3-4 hour drive across without stopping.

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This route lies amongst temperate woodlands on the edge of the wheat belt, where 80 different varieties of eucalypts grow. Across the 300km of this trek you'll also see sandy heathlands, distinctive granite outcrops, salt lakes, & claypans.

Wave Rock in Hyden is the most visited of the granite outcrops in the area, however there are many other rocks noted in this trek that are worth exploring.

Amongst this diversity, are two massive nickel mines, Emily Ann and Maggie Hays and associated processing plants & infrastructure. No doubt the reason the road is so well maintained is to cater for the mine trucks.

Birdlife in the area include mallee fowl, bush turkey, grey currawong, numerous parrot species, cockatoos, and lorikeets including the tiny purple crowned lorikeet.


Whilst both Hyden and Norseman have significant historical beginnings, the region of woodland between the two was very much ignored by both aboriginals and Europeans and remains an area of no agriculture or pastoralism today.

Sandalwood cutters are believed to have been the first white men in the area and early attempts at pastoralism were unsuccessful, mostly due to a lack of readily accessible underground water. 11 trial plots (10 acres) were established at Forrestonia in 1959 but did not lead to take up by permanent settlers and were abandoned in 1966.

The Wudjari and Ngadju people would only pass through the area if water and food permitted, and doggers would utilise the shed at Forrestania Plots whilst hunting feral dogs and dingos.

Of most significance was the discoveries of gold and nickel, with a few large mines in current operation.

TrekID: 338


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Carry an emergency supply of food and water and enough fuel to cover at least 400km (to factor side trips) as well as tyre spares and repair kit. There are no commercial supplies or facilities anywhere along the entire route, although some sites have fire rings, long drop toilets and concrete picnic tables.


None required.

Fuel Usage

4cyl 44 litres4cyl 51 litres4cyl 62 litres
6cyl 48 litres6cyl 57 litres6cyl 55 litres
8cyl 48 litres8cyl 52 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

Closest Climatic Station

Distance from Trek Mid Point 134.22km W
Mean Max. °C33.633.030.025.720.817.416.417.520.324.728.431.8
Mean Min. °C15.515.814.
Mean Rain mm19.519.320.123.539.049.347.740.527.721.618.915.1
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Hyden to East Hyden Bin Rd & Alymore Rd
Driving: 1.76 km
Heading: 98°
Avg Speed: 26.82 km/hr
EST Time: 03:56
East Hyden Bin Rd & Alymore Rd to Lovering Rd & East Hyden Bin Rd
Driving: 0.62 km
Heading: 89°
Avg Speed: 34.49 km/hr
EST Time: 01:04
Lovering Rd & East Hyden Bin Rd to East Hyden Bin Rd & Hyden-Lake King Rd
Driving: 1.03 km
Heading: 90°
Avg Speed: 57.79 km/hr
EST Time: 01:04
East Hyden Bin Rd & Hyden-Lake King Rd to East Hyden Bin Rd & Wave Rock Access
Driving: 2.62 km
Heading: 51°
Avg Speed: 40.59 km/hr
EST Time: 03:52
East Hyden Bin Rd & Wave Rock Access to End of Seal (Hyden-Norseman Rd)
Driving: 43.4 km
Heading: 88°
Avg Speed: 94.29 km/hr
EST Time: 27:37
End of Seal (Hyden-Norseman Rd) to Holland Tk & Hyden Norseman Rd
Driving: 9.16 km
Heading: 82°
Avg Speed: 50.19 km/hr
EST Time: 10:57
Holland Tk & Hyden Norseman Rd to Forrestania Plots
Driving: 7.02 km
Heading: 91°
Avg Speed: 80.05 km/hr
EST Time: 05:15
Forrestania Plots to Hyden Norseman Rd & Southern Cross Rd
Driving: 21.54 km
Heading: 90°
Avg Speed: 73.09 km/hr
EST Time: 17:40
Hyden Norseman Rd & Southern Cross Rd to Shire Boundary
Driving: 25.54 km
Heading: 70°
Avg Speed: 88.82 km/hr
EST Time: 17:15
Shire Boundary to Grevillia Hill
Driving: 12.92 km
Heading: 73°
Avg Speed: 81.77 km/hr
EST Time: 09:28
Grevillia Hill to The Breakaways
Driving: 16.33 km
Heading: 75°
Avg Speed: 65.17 km/hr
EST Time: 15:02
The Breakaways to Turnoff to Breakaways
Driving: 2.07 km
Heading: 349°
Avg Speed: 18.6 km/hr
EST Time: 06:40
Turnoff to Breakaways to Emily Ann Mine Site Information
Driving: 23.09 km
Heading: 75°
Avg Speed: 96.57 km/hr
EST Time: 14:20
Emily Ann Mine Site Information to Hyden Norseman Rd & Windy Hill Camp Access
Driving: 0.52 km
Heading: 74°
Avg Speed: 39.41 km/hr
EST Time: 00:47
Hyden Norseman Rd & Windy Hill Camp Access to McDermid Rock Turn Off
Driving: 31.48 km
Heading: 48°
Avg Speed: 91.16 km/hr
EST Time: 20:43
McDermid Rock Turn Off to McDermid Rock
Driving: 1.35 km
Heading: 334°
Avg Speed: 41.02 km/hr
EST Time: 01:58
McDermid Rock to Victoria Rock Rd & Hyden Norseman Rd
Driving: 4.18 km
Heading: 68°
Avg Speed: 45.09 km/hr
EST Time: 05:33
Victoria Rock Rd & Hyden Norseman Rd to Lake Johnston Campground
Driving: 3.9 km
Heading: 77°
Avg Speed: 30.38 km/hr
EST Time: 07:42
Lake Johnston Campground to Turnoff to Disappointment Rock
Driving: 19.79 km
Heading: 135°
Avg Speed: 81 km/hr
EST Time: 14:39
Turnoff to Disappointment Rock to Disappointment Rock
Driving: 0.34 km
Heading: 222°
Avg Speed: 18.29 km/hr
EST Time: 01:06
Disappointment Rock to Woodlands
Driving: 39.35 km
Heading: 100°
Avg Speed: 96.76 km/hr
EST Time: 24:24
Woodlands to Turnoff to Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail
Driving: 29.88 km
Heading: 89°
Avg Speed: 85.8 km/hr
EST Time: 20:53
Turnoff to Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail to Gemfields
Driving: 3.31 km
Heading: 90°
Avg Speed: 43.8 km/hr
EST Time: 04:32
Gemfields to Lake Cowan Lookout
Driving: 4.43 km
Heading: 95°
Avg Speed: 61.42 km/hr
EST Time: 04:19
Lake Cowan Lookout to Lake Cowan causeway
Driving: 2.84 km
Heading: 106°
Avg Speed: 43.77 km/hr
EST Time: 03:53
Lake Cowan causeway to Road Conditions Signboard
Driving: 3.02 km
Heading: 105°
Avg Speed: 69 km/hr
EST Time: 02:37
Road Conditions Signboard to Norseman
Driving: 0.82 km
Heading: 88°
Avg Speed: 36.6 km/hr
EST Time: 01:20
Distance is based on the travel mode shown (Driving, Straight, Cycling, Walking etc), Direction is straight line from start to end, Avg Speed & EST Time is calculated from GPS data.

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