Goldfields Loop

StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving NotesCoolgardie
DifficultyDifficulty 2/5
Suitable For2WD Motorhome/Van Motorbike 
Distance608.4 km
Minimum Days2
Average Speed68 km/hr
Travel Time8 hrs 56 mins
Page Updated: 21 Oct 2021


The goldfields loop heading north from Coolgardie and finishing at Kalgoorlie is probably one of the most interesting routes in this region. Travelling over excellent formed gravel roads, you pass through a region that is filled with history, European and Aboriginal culture and the stunning, yet unbelievably dry and harsh environment that is the Eastern goldfields of outback WA.

The discovery of gold in Coolgardie in 1892 by Arthur Bayley and William Ford, started the gold rush and this was encouraged by further discoveries in Kalgoorlie (East Coolgardie at that time) by Patrick "Paddy" Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Dan Shea in 1893. While some found gold, many only found hardship, sickness and death caused by inadequate housing, lack of fresh water and food, insufficient medical attention and supplies. Stories of hardship occurred at Menzies with a deadly typhoid outbreak and also during the ill-fated Siberia rush where many prospectors suffered from dehydration due to an extreme lack of water in the area. Towns like Kunanalling were bustling at one stage only to turn to ghost towns when the gold dried up. This route has many of these old towns now in ruins with cemeteries and mining relics near its midst. They each have a fascinating story to tell and are worth exploring around. Some of the other sites well worth visiting and exploring are: Lake Ballard with the surreal sculptures by Antony Gormley, Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park, Ularring Rock and definitely Niagara Dam Nature Reserve.

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The tracks are very well graded with excellent formed gravel roads providing a more authentic outback goldfields tour. The tranquil forests comprises of more than a hundred species of eucalyptus including marble-coloured salmon gums, bronze-barked gimlets, and a variety of blackbutts. This provides a superbly unique and fascinating view contrasting against the rich, red earth and the blue skies. There is nowhere else in Australia where there are so many different tall trees in such an arid environment.

There are many bird species that flourish here such as the threatened bilby or rabbit-eared bandicoot, chuditch, mallee fowl, scarlet chested parrot, sandhill dunnart and mulgara. The inhabitants of the area include ornate lizards, emus, echidnas, carpet pythons, honey-eaters, yellow-throated miners, rainbow bee-eaters and budgerigars.

The region is very popular during Spring with the start of the spectacular wildflower season that transforms the normally desolate landscape into a blanket of colour. Flowers such as the emblem of the state - the Kangaroo Paw and wattles, daisies and everlastings are some of the variety of flowers seen for at least five months of the year. Guided wildflower tours are available so please contact the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Tourist Centre for wildflower conditions and tour availability.

The Kalgoorlie Goldfields Visitor Centre

250 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie and 106 Burt Street, Boulder
Phone: (08) 9021 1966

TrekID: 137


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Please refer to Road Reports published by the local shire and/or main roads for the area you intend to visit. Road/Track conditions can change significantly after weather events. Travellers must be responsible for their own research on current conditions and track suitability.
Although this trek note is not as remote as say the Cave Hill Woodlines, it is still wise to include carrying sufficient fuel, water, food, supplies, communications and navigation gear such as a GPS and HF radio, safety equipment and first aid, along with emergency backup supplies. It is also handy to check the road conditions for Kalgoorlie-Boulder before you depart.
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No permits are needed for the Goldfields Loop trek note.

Fuel Usage

4cyl 85 litres4cyl 98 litres4cyl 122 litres
6cyl 93 litres6cyl 110 litres6cyl 107 litres
8cyl 93 litres8cyl 101 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

Closest Climatic Station

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport
Distance from Trek Mid Point 14.62km NE
Mean Max. °C33.732.129.525.220.717.516.718.622.225.829.032.0
Mean Min. °C18.317.816.
Mean Rain mm24.131.326.020.626.228.325.
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Coolgardie to Great Eastern Hwy & Victoria Rock Rd
Driving: 0.46 km
Heading: 260°
Avg Speed: 50.22 km/hr
EST Time: 00:32
Great Eastern Hwy & Victoria Rock Rd to Kunanalling
Driving: 33.59 km
Heading: 344°
Avg Speed: 83.47 km/hr
EST Time: 24:08
Kunanalling to Kintore
Driving: 12.86 km
Heading: 334°
Avg Speed: 57.55 km/hr
EST Time: 13:24
Kintore to Twelve Mile Dam
Driving: 8.45 km
Heading: 331°
Avg Speed: 87.29 km/hr
EST Time: 05:48
Twelve Mile Dam to Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park
Driving: 21.48 km
Heading: 317°
Avg Speed: 73.51 km/hr
EST Time: 17:31
Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park to Ora Banda
Driving: 27.07 km
Heading: 73°
Avg Speed: 53.45 km/hr
EST Time: 30:23
Ora Banda to Siberia
Driving: 21.65 km
Heading: 326°
Avg Speed: 67.67 km/hr
EST Time: 19:11
Siberia to Davyhurst
Driving: 41.75 km
Heading: 306°
Avg Speed: 72.1 km/hr
EST Time: 34:44
Davyhurst to Ularring Rock
Driving: 26.79 km
Heading: 324°
Avg Speed: 56.45 km/hr
EST Time: 28:28
Ularring Rock to Mulline
Driving: 16.48 km
Heading: 350°
Avg Speed: 64.73 km/hr
EST Time: 15:16
Mulline to Lake Ballard
Driving: 49.75 km
Heading: 11°
Avg Speed: 54.58 km/hr
EST Time: 54:41
Lake Ballard to Ghost Rocks
Driving: 31.67 km
Heading: 114°
Avg Speed: 79.41 km/hr
EST Time: 23:55
Ghost Rocks to Mount Owen
Driving: 21.85 km
Heading: 135°
Avg Speed: 80.72 km/hr
EST Time: 16:14
Mount Owen to Menzies
Driving: 2.61 km
Heading: 164°
Avg Speed: 33.56 km/hr
EST Time: 04:39
Menzies to Morapoi
Driving: 52.04 km
Heading: 46°
Avg Speed: 76.98 km/hr
EST Time: 40:33
Morapoi to Niagara Dam Nature Reserve
Driving: 7.83 km
Heading: 87°
Avg Speed: 62.68 km/hr
EST Time: 07:29
Niagara Dam Nature Reserve to Kookynie
Driving: 13.49 km
Heading: 40°
Avg Speed: 61.47 km/hr
EST Time: 13:10
Kookynie to Yerilla Ruins
Driving: 38.03 km
Heading: 116°
Avg Speed: 71.08 km/hr
EST Time: 32:06
Yerilla Ruins to Kookynie Yarri Rd & Cranky Jack Rd
Driving: 12.47 km
Heading: 133°
Avg Speed: 76.22 km/hr
EST Time: 09:48
Kookynie Yarri Rd & Cranky Jack Rd to Yarri Rd & Porphry Access
Driving: 39.96 km
Heading: 176°
Avg Speed: 79.76 km/hr
EST Time: 30:03
Yarri Rd & Porphry Access to Gindalbie
Driving: 50.29 km
Heading: 201°
Avg Speed: 79.65 km/hr
EST Time: 37:52
Gindalbie to Four Mile Hill
Driving: 38.46 km
Heading: 199°
Avg Speed: 71.19 km/hr
EST Time: 32:24
Four Mile Hill to Kanowna
Driving: 6.21 km
Heading: 227°
Avg Speed: 68.07 km/hr
EST Time: 05:28
Kanowna to Kalgoorlie-Boulder
Driving: 33.16 km
Heading: 219°
Avg Speed: 70.19 km/hr
EST Time: 28:20
Distance is based on the travel mode shown (Driving, Straight, Cycling, Walking etc), Direction is straight line from start to end, Avg Speed & EST Time is calculated from GPS data.

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