Message in a Bottle to Nanna (Still not found )

Monday, Mar 08, 2010 at 19:25

Sir Kev

As most of you probably know my family live in St George which is currently experiencing the worst recorded flood in it's history. That is unless you know a local who was there when the 1950 flood hit which actually flooded the whole town.

Anyway my parents live on the opposite side of the river to the town. The flood water went over the Jack Taylor Weir bridge on Wednesday night and it left my mum isolated as Dad was in town coordinating the flood disaster.

As we live in Chinchilla we had no way of getting to St George to assist as all roads were cut with flood water. On Saturday I called Mum to check in that she was OK. I got the green light that she was OK but was feeling isolated.
To cheer her up I got my kids (Ashley 6 and Peta 3) to write her a letter and then sealed it in a Cottee's cordial bottle.
We then went down to the Chinchilla Weir that is also in flood and threw the "Message in a Bottle" into the Condamine river which flows approx 500km to pass St George as the Balonne River.

There are now quite a few people on the look out for this bottle which has the "Message to Nanna" in it. Quite a few St George residents have said the idea was a great way to lift their spirits.

Early Sunday morning both of the kids asked me if Nanna got her letter LOL. It has to be very very fast flowing water to get to St George in under 24 hours.

So for those who frequent the Condamine/Balonne River or in fact any part of the Murray Darling Basin, Can you keep an eye out for a Cottee's Cordial Bottle with a Letter to Nanna in it for me.

It has been nearly 2 years and a few more floods have been through and we still haven't been notified that it has been found, kids still talk about where it could have gotten to LOL

Cheers Kev
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