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18 May 2017

After a bit of a slow start and a coffee from town we made our way out of Quorn, heading for Warren Spring.

This was a bitumen road, the gorge was 21 kms out of town. The dirt road into the gorge was wet and there was water flowing across the track in some places.
It was quite pleasant to admire the pines and the high rock faces.

We head back to the main Hawker Stirling North road stopping by Simmonstone Ruins. Here a couple were having morning tea and they told us that that just had a big bog out further west a bit. They were quite happy for us to lead them out.

Kanyaka Homestead ruins were next, and I was surprised at the number of ruins that were in the one place.

It was mostly overcast today, not much sun. A few sprinkles of rain here and there but could see quite a few heavy showers in the distance at various spots.

We stopped at the Surveyors Cairn before making our way on the dirt to Old Beltana. Here we had a look at the old railway station, and the town too of course. There was a cemetary there as well and I was surprised at how many "modern" graves there was.

We also went to Beltana Station where we admired the Giles Monument as well as the really good museum.

Back on the main road we eventually arrived to Leigh Creek. The town seemed quite deserted, with the majority of houses empty.

17 May 2017
Rain in the wee hours again. New swag is waterproof. Had some weetbix and peaches with milk and took off down highway.
We had heard about the bakery in Wudinna so we had a coffee and donuts etc..
Further along the Eyre was the John Darke memorial, a sad story written on the plaque.Kimba for some more food and a look at the big galah.
The sun rarely came out today, not a lot of traffic.
Lincolns Gap had these huge tanks by the road so stopped for a look.
Port Augusta is an interesting place. Couldn't quite work it out. Got some supplies and took off for Quorn. I was going to go through Emeroo but was advised against it (rain had and forecast).
Going through the mountains I quite enjoyed it as there is nothing near Perth that's quite like them.Quorn is great. So good we are still here :-)
The whole town has a special character about it. The corner store seemed to be stuck in a time from long ago.

16 May 2017.
There was a few showers of rain overnight at Nullabor Roadhouse.
After a slow start in the morning we once again followed the Old Eyre Highway to the east.
I couldn't believe just how good the track was. The first stop was Ivy Tanks.
Apparently when I was a baby I fell out of the rear car door here and fell on the ground. There was not much left of the building, only the foundation stones and slabs. The tanks were still there however were no longer in use. There was an old junkyard as well - there were many old cars, bottles, cans and tyres.
Next stop on the same track was Waltabie Tank, not much remained here either.
It was another cloudy day, though it didn't rain all day - the sun only came out for very short periods.
Coming back onto the main Eyre Highway we stopped at Nundroo for lunch then Penong, were we had a look at the big windmill.
Onto Ceduna where we refuelled and got some spare supplies. Mr Plod pulled me up here asking for a breath test and why my number plate was crooked.
Tried to head into the Conservation Reserves north east of town to try and bush camp somewhere however could not find a way past all the farms so ended up in Wirrulla Caravan Park.
The town BBQ did not work so ended up getting some toasted sangas from the pub.
426 kms today.

15 May 2017
Left camp west of Madura to the Madura Pass. I always love this view of the Roe Plains. We went down the old pass and Dad commented that he hadn't been down this pass for 59 years.
We then traveled along the main highway again until Eucla., stopping to look at the view and the various plaques.
We had decided to try the Old Eyre Highway until Nullabor Roadhouse. After refueling at the Border Village we joined the old highway a bit down the road.
Generally the track was in pretty good nick. Bit stoney in places. We tried to find Coompana Rockhole however did not even though we spent some time looking.
We visited a couple of caves one of which was Koomooloobooka. It was great to feel the cool air blown out of the mouth.
There were a number of abandoned wells and water points as well.
We camped up at the roadhouse. 393km today.

14 May 2017
Seemed pretty cold this morning.
Left Norseman for the Old Telegraph Track 20km south. There was a road closed sign at the start. A few small puddles around. We were going to take this track to Balladonia, we went back to Norseman.
Then we head east along the Eyre Highway.
Overcast in the morning. Most of the day actually.
Stopped at Newman Rocks, the pool of water was massive and quite clear. This would be a great spot to camp - lots of good spots and far enough away from the highway.
Stopped for break at Balladonia, had a look at the museum there.
Steady stream of traffic all day. Stopped for lunch at Caiguna. Had a look at the golf hole there part of Nullabor Links, the longest gold course in the world.
Now camped at the far back of a parking bay off the highway, 20 clicks west of Madura.

13 May 2017
Left Perth in the morning about 8:30am.
Even on a Saturday morning it takes a fair bit of time to get out of the city.
Out through Brookton, where we stopped for some morning tea - we being me, Dad and the dog Massie.
Passing Corrigin we stopped at Gorge Rock for a look. It was a fine sunny day, a few clouds now and then, about 21 degrees.
At Kondinin, passed through, however stopped to take a picture of the old Golden Fleece sign, now a BP.
Lunch at Hyden Bakery, wanted to buy some milk but couldn't anywhere.
We headed east on the Hyden Norseman Road. The road was in good condition though there was a few slippery bits, left over from previous rain. The bugs were alive and twice we had to manually clean the windscreen - a few spots of rain now and then.
Stopped in and had a look at the local breakaways, interesting that most areas around here have their own local breakaways.
Now in Norseman - total kms today 633.

Further pictures can be seen on Facebook here: HERE
Looking for adventure.
In whatever comes our way.

<<- CSR

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