Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Innamincka to Merty Merty

Friday, Jul 03, 2015 at 03:00

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Today we're leaving Innamincka.

Before we go though, we visit burkes gravesite. He died of starvation next to a superb waterhole, which was full of fish, with bush tucker plants all around.

We drove south via the new Strzelecki track. The other southbound tracks were closed. This is a big and boring track more suited to mining trucks.

Once were out of the Innamincka regional reserve we're allowed back on the old strez. It's much nicer to travel on. Less traffic, narrower, and it wiggles around.

We stopped for lunch on a cattle station, but can't see anything much that is green. However in the desert, where there are no cows there are lots of plants and flowers.

We pass lots of gas and oil wells. I try and explain to the kids what they're for. Then we see some of the oil pumps that look like nodding donkeys.

Further down the track past Merty Merty we look for a campsite amongst the dunes. We'd been here last year and we manage to find the same dune. This time we drive a bit further up and nestle amongst a group of shrubs. As darkness nears a small flock of zebra finches call the shrubs home.

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