2015.1 Snowy Mountains (NSW) Trip - Days 8, 9.

Thursday, Mar 12, 2015 at 11:07

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8/2/15; 9/2/15 .
Lake Wallace Campground, Wallerawang (near Lithgow).

Drove past amazing Blue Mountain escarpments on the way up today but long, steep, winding and sometimes treacherous roads (if ignoring advisory signs), hair-pin bends, with our campers on the back, didn't allow us to safely stop. Unhitching my camper tomorrow to try to get to some similar sights if we have time.

Arriving in Lithgow, we first called into the helpful and informative staff at the Lithgow Information Centre. Lake Wallace campground in Wallerawang, half an hour NW of Lithgow, was a recommendation we liked, and they were correct. After scoping out a few camping sites, all close to the Lake, we selected a nice, gently sloping, shady and grassed area.

Wallerawang is a small township near the old, decommissioned and soon-to-be demolished Wallerawang coal-fired power station. Lake Wallace, a free site for a the whole range of camping and van options, was constructed to provide water cooling for the thermal coal power station. First commissioned in 1957, and an acknowledged air and water polluter, it's more jobs lost in country Australia.

Starting at the Information Centre tomorrow to get information and material, etc, we'll hit the Lithgow Small Arms Museum on Tuesday. Planning on staying 2 nights in Wallerawang, or "Wang" as it is known locally.

Lake Wallace was a lovely spot to camp a few nights, as well as a good base to tour Lithgow from. Its features include M/F toilets, hot showers (during working hours), potable water taps, bins, wood and gas BBQs, off-lease dog run, playground, and plenty of room. But it also has, depending on the prevailing winds, heaps of mozzies. I hate spray on insect repellants and local stores don't seem to have heard of citronella candles down here.

And, I now very well the pungent smell of blue-green algae - like weak sewerage. You get used to it, after a day or three! The location, less than 10 metres from the Lake, made up for it. Prevailing wind direction should be taken into account when selecting a campsite. And exercise the usual precautions to avoid contact with the algae.

Spent the best part of a day on a self-guided tour of the Lithgow Museum, as well as ad hoc discussions with Museum volunteers. As we both have an interest in antique and modern weaponry, it was easy to lose track of time. A Museum tour is well worth factoring in on travels through the NSW Central Highlands. I'll be back, if for no other reason than to pick up on the origin of some old sayings we take for granted. I now understand why one loads a "round" of ammunition into a weapon: modern bullets aren't round. There's heaps more, but you'll have to go there to find out for yourselves.

Naturally, one cannot touch the thousands of exhibits, except for this beauty. Touching a .50 cal machine gun sure brought back memories of CMF days. Here's me ready to take out an imaginary foe.

NB - I'd upload this and other photos, but ... there's a technical problem! IF it's sorted, expect a few photos. Additional blog entries will be added when issues resolved.

To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root -- Chinese Proverb
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