2013.2 Western Qld Second Trip - Day 21

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 at 23:41

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Day 21
Thursday 10 October 2013
Campsite: Chinchilla Weir
Campsite Co-ordinates: 150.560318° E, 26.831293° S
Cost of Camping Site: Free.
Amenities: Toilets. Quite a number of free 240v power outlets on one pole in centre of Shire Council parkland. All taken when I arrived, as seem to be a popular site for travellers and locals.
Distance travelled: 341km.
Weather forecast: 10° - 32°. Sunny.

Activities: This trek is almost over sadly. After a pleasant evening, and a friendly talk with a PC Plod walking through the Park early evening to deter the usual opportunistic thieves who nick anything they see lying around, I retired.

Packing up, I spoke with the friendly park management about the next leg of my trek to Chinchilla. It seems the main caravan park if now pretty full of demountable cabins to accommodate the growing population of workers in the oil exploration and allied occupations. I hadn't intended to do it tough in a Caravan Park in any event.

Leaving about 9:15am, I drove the Moonie Highway on the way to Dalby. A little bit out of the way, but yesterday's roads had dislodged all screws to the overhead cupboards in the Jayco. I again wondered why they call this model an 'Outback'. Something similar happened on my last western trip. I needed thicker, longer screws than those that dislodged, and I didn't have them in my toolbox. In Dalby, I decided that the repair was something best done with my full set of tools at home, where I should be tomorrow afternoon. Procrastination sometimes has advantages!

It was only a few more km added to the trip. After nearly three weeks, the traffic was unbelievable, particularly with trucks and traffic around Dalby, and along the Warrego Highway. A few more km west along the Warrego Highway and I hit Chinchilla. Driving through the town I passed Stalag 13. There were some caravans in the Caravan Park, but there were also rows upon rows of identical "delux" cabins. The travelling public seems to take second place if a Caravan Park is their choice for an overnighter, or longer stay. And a caravan site requires a two night minimum stay for $86! Ned Kelly is still alive it seems. Don't waste your money!

Luckily, there are a number of choices just outside Chinchilla with independent camping opportunities.Chinchilla Weir on the Condamine River, a couple of km SW of Chinchilla along the Chinchilla Tara Road, looked the perfect campsite for my last night. Set amongst Brigalow forest and red River Gums overlooking the Weir, I was happy to call that home for my last night. Some caravans and such seem to have settled in for longer. Handy toilet facilities and free power might be the attraction.

Just a quick note: late afternoon, the area seems a favourite with noisy 2-stroke dirt bike riders; the odd V8 powerboat fishing, skiing or something on the Weir.
To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root -- Chinese Proverb
John & Marie
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