2013.2 Western Qld Second Trip - Day 20

Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013 at 21:43

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Day 20
Wednesday 9 October 2013
Campsite: Kamarooka Caravan Park
Campsite Co-ordinates: 56 Victoria Street St George
Cost of Camping Site: Powered site, $27/night. No unpowered sites.
Amenities: Clean and comfortable, with all facilities. One of my favourites in this delightful town on the banks of the Balonne River.
Distance travelled: 475km
Weather forecast: 11° - 31°. Clear. Winds east to northeasterly and light.
Activities: Before leaving Currawinya, I called in to the Ranger Station to say farewell given their assistance to my quest. The Ranger with whom I had been dealing with had dug out some historical records which will require further investigation, as my great-grandparents are not recorded as involved in the management of Currawinya Station. Is it coincidence that Sir Sidney Kidman bought the Currawinya in 1916, the same year he sold Headingly Station to AACo and Hop Thomas became Manager there? I love a mystery, and the history of events nearly 100 years ago presents a challenge. I have some research to do before I return to Currawinya. The assistance provided was appreciated, and I will provide any relevant information to the Rangers.

Where to now? I had thought I would ahead back up to Eulo, only 90 odd km away, with a view to setting up camp on the Paroo River. It was hot, and unfortunately, the small towns had little of interest me. Mid-morning is not the time to settle for the night, so I pushed on to Cunnamulla. Checking that my old mate the "Cunnamulla Fella" was still outside the Shire Office, and that the roses were still looked after, I found a cafe near the Hotel Cunnamulla Hotel and had a steak burger that was half the price, and triple the size of the one I had a few days ago in Hungerford!

I have seen Cunnamulla before, and had no plans to do any more than have a feed and refuel before moving to Bollon where I intended to make camp. Refuelled at the old BP in Emma St; diesel was $1.729/litre.

The campsite area on the Balonne River where I intended to camp had a "No Camping" sign. Bummer. But, it was still mid-afternoon, and warmish, to I figured I would camp at a favourite site in a favourite town - the Kamarooka Caravan Park in St George. And it would be nice to have a proper shower again, so there I went.

Commentary: I found last night that my 12v charger for my iPhone and iPad was charging in the car, but not in the Camper. It was either the 12v cigarette lighter socket, or the plug - And my Father's Day present was a Powertech 150W Can-Sized Power Inverter with 2.1A USB output. Yee haa, 240v power in the bush, sufficient at least to completely charge the iPad and iPhone without flattening the house battery. Being only 150W, it won't take a heavy load, but it will charge my "comms" equipment. Love this type of useful little gadget. I'll sort out the connection issue when I get home in a few days.
To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root -- Chinese Proverb
John & Marie
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