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I have just looked back on the date of our last blog dated 2 June and realised it’s been a long time since we’ve reported an update to you all. We have been in Derby now for 12 weeks. We were due to leave at the end of this month but we have extended this till the end of September. As Ingrid is enjoying her role here she didn’t find it hard to extend.

Derby is a great place to get away from the southern winter and chill out enjoying the slow pace of life here. Since arriving in Derby, we have been up the Gibb River road a couple of times. The first time was to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek. We camped (can’t take the caravan as the road is too rough) in our tent. The gorges here were reefs under the water many millions of years ago and the rivers have since carved them out through the lime stone. They are spectacular, red, huge, imposing pieces of nature that can leave you breathless. Tunnel Creek is another reef but has not been opened by the creek; rather it flows under the reef. You can walk in the creek through the tunnel. It is pitch black and very spooky. Ingrid wasn’t too keen but we managed to get from one end to the other and back again – getting very wet in the process!

Friends from Perth, Glen and Peta and their two kids called in to see us at the start of their Gibb (as it is known here) adventure. We shared Jets 4th birthday and sent them on their way after showing them the sights of Derby including some crabbing on the jetty.

The next trip was further up the Gibb to Bell Gorge, we stayed in the Silent Grove camping area again in the tent. Bell Gorge is a waterfall with a huge pool at the bottom; we went swimming there and saw a few water monitors. I also had a leap off a rocky outcrop into the water – it was fabulous. The next day we drove (or rattled and banged up the dirt road!!) 100 km further north east to Mt Barnet Roadhouse. This is the gateway to Manning Gorge and what a gorge that is! After a 45 minute walk in you are treated to a lovely waterfall and large deep pool. We swam out in the pool and managed to get in under the falling water. We also jumped off another rocky out crop and, yes, even Ingrid did it with a little coaching! We saw a snake that was probably a small python on the way back and gave that a wide berth! The photos of these two waterfalls/gorges have disappeared into cyber space! – Damn.
We have also had plenty of get togethers with the other people in the unit complex we live in. This includes a beer/wine or 2 each night!!, mid-winter Christmas plus a couple of bonfires on the marsh with potatoes cooked on the embers and sausage on the BBQ.

We have recently spent a couple of nights in Fitzroy Crossing; we went with friends we have made here – Steve and Liz (NZers living the dream in Oz like us). We went on a boat trip through Geikie Gorge, the best way to appreciate the beauty of this place.

We are soon off on a trip into the Horizontal Falls (it’s a natural fall created by the surging tide squeezing through a narrow gap in the islands) we get to stay the night on a boat and get a high speed ride through the falls. They also take us Barra fishing and eat our catch for tea yum! Perhaps it is my turn to catch a fish! One of our other new friend’s, Susan, is coming with us this time.
Next report due after our Horizontal Falls experience and before we leave Derby on the next leg of our journey.
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