Cape York or Bust 12th June Cloncurry

Thursday, Jun 12, 2014 at 21:10

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Normanton to Cloncurry
Km travelled today = 547 km
Fuel cost at = Normanton $1.794
High points = Good roads easily driven.
Low points = Single lane hwy.
Leaving Normanton I head to Karumba. The drive is on level A grade bitumen. By level I mean flat, very flat. The surrounding wetlands and plains contain considerable bird life from pelicans to eagles. At one stage I pass a wet area with a fence between it and the road. On each fence post sits a hawk watching the pelicans and other birdlife in the water. At the boat ramp in Karumba I count at least 50 vehicles with boat trailers. I chat to two fishermen as to the fruitfulness of their labours only to be met with unfavourable comments about the water temp and lack of fish. The large processing plant has me intrigued as to what are they processing? The large kiln has me beat, fish, seaweed? On to Karumba point and I stop counting the boat trailers at 90. All the caravan parks look to be full both here and at Normanton. One traveller indicated they are here for three months. With this weather I can understand why. 27 deg according to the temp gauge in Karumba. Fuelling up the road to Cloncurry beacons. The road starts as a two lane A grade bitumen road. From the Warren Vale turn off things change. A lot of this section is single lane with road woks underway. Another change is the decrease in road kill and the size change in those unlucky to be victims, yes larger kangaroos and the occasional pig. Many vans and camper trailers hearing toward Normanton, hope they have bookings. In Cloncurry I select a caravan park on the way out of town. When I have struck camp I start to notice many semi’s slowing down or starting up. Yep you guessed it the bypass around Cloncurry comes out alongside the caravan park. Still $25 for an un-powered site is not so bad. Tomorrow on towards Birdsville.
Hugh Dorey
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