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Friday, Sep 06, 2013 at 20:48


David the cartographer has been at it all this week re-writing the entire mapping topo data layer definitions. The ExplorOz Topo Maps have come a long way and with a few more days to go on the data definition tables they will only get even better. I have published the updates this week into the online mapping system. If you want to have a good look at the updates the best way to see it - go to Places then on the map click the little icon in the top right corner (it is square with 4 arrows - it is the maximise button) - then maximise your browser window, click on Feature and turn off the All points layer. Now zoom in and around (mouse wheel is enabled in full screen mode).

NOTE: the tiles may take a few seconds to arrive as they are being built and cached as you open them.

I am sure you will find the new ExplorOz Topo Maps (online version) is a great update from where we were before. The major work this week has been roads & rivers (water ports, waterfalls etc), contours are now on the base map, all reserve data has been recoloured and relabelled. In fact there are so many changes it is hard to write them all - I recommend if you are interested in topo mapping you go and have a good look at the work in progress.
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