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Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 20:43


OziExplorer Data Upload: A problem was identified in the upload process that caused the system to incorrectly calculate the distance and also set the wrong start/end dates for an Ozi Plot file upload. This has been rectified.

Mapping Engine: The Openlayers script library was updated to 2.13 +

Shop Order Shipment: Adjusted the track & trace URL for Startrack services

EOTrackme Embed: Problem with the embed page was causing the page controls not to show thus not allowing the creation of an embed code. Corrected.

FreeMail checker: This was not working correctly since the last logon process update was installed allowing freemail users to post without delay. This has been enabled again so freemail account users will need to wait 48hrs before posting.

Road Conditions: Historical averages not working at all due to image disposal issue - Fixed. Issue with repeated heading on subsequent pages after page 1 of results - resolved this so paging looks and operates correctly.
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