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When you are a Member, your login will activate 3 orange tabs at the top of the site (instead of the two for "Visitors"). These are My Home, My Details, and My Profile. These tabs can be clicked to reveal the panel without moving off the page you are using. Click again to return to normal page viewing.


My Home is setup with some customised content based on your account. My Home logs & stores certain information customised to your viewing history so is a great way to quickly see what's new since the last time you used the site. My Home will show the date and time of your last login and will itemise the number of updates you've missed in the Forum & Classifieds. Clicking the blue button for each section will just show you the NEW items that have appeared on the site since the date/time shown. This feature was requested by the Members over 10 years ago and is still widely used by the regular site users as it is so effective in helping you avoid getting lost in the maze of so much information!

From the My Home panel you can also view any Forum Posts you have tagged to "Thread Watch". This is just a tool to help you easily go back to interesting posts - either to view updates to the discussion, or to store the information for future reference rather than printing paper.

You can manage the various emails our site can send you from the My Subscriptions Area also found in MyHome. Your settings are live and immediate so can be changed anytime you like. Hover over the ? icon for an explanation of each option. The Forum Responses via Email option is particularly useful to Members. Note that this only issues emails in response to your posts, not all posts. This feature is provided because unlike non-members, this email will contain a copy of the actual text that has been submitted to the Forum and means you don't have to visit the site to read it (although there is a link you will need to follow if you wish to contribute further to the discussion). The Member Messages option works in the same way.

Look at My Account Stats for confirmation of the date your current Membership subscription is due to expire. You will receive an email reminder about a month prior to this date containing an invoice should you wish to renew. Alternatively, you can also make a renewal payment by selecting Membership Renewal as an item listed in the Membership category of our online Shop.

The My Invoices panel also gives you online access to any current invoices. There are links to the online payment gateway from these invoices, or you can print them from here if you prefer a hard copy. Our BSB & Account Details are also provided for those that pay by electronic bank transfer.


this is where you can check or change your screen name, email address, postal address, password etc. If you enter your birthdate, you'll also get a special something on your birthday! (Note: non-members cannot change their screen name).

My Profile

when you click this tab you are viewing the control page for your public profile so this is where you go to add or change your photos and add details about yourself that might interest others of similar interests. A button allows you to view your own Public Profile page.
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