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EOTopo is a map of Australia that is digitally produced and distributed for sale in a number of different formats.

Option 1: EOTopo Raster

If you have the OziExplorer or TrackRanger program loaded onto a device or you have an older style Hema Navigator (HN6, or HN7), or a VMS GPS, or MudMap M7 device then this is the option for you. Files are provided in the ECW format and the OZF/map format. Only devices that support these formats can utilise EOTopo in the raster version. This is a whole of Australia mapset with a large number of files at various scales - provided in both the ECW and optimised OziExplorer OZF/map formats to enable you to select just the files that are applicable to your device. State Map files and Australia Map files are available to download after purchase from the EOTopo downloads page. The largest file is Australia 144K ECW, which is 4GB but instead of this file you can download the individual State files, with the largest 144K State file being 1.2GB.
See EOTopo 20109 Raster Version.

Option 2: EOTopo App Version

If you use our app ExplorOz Traveller, then this is the map set that you will need to unlock the map zoom levels when you are offline. Without this mapset, the offline base map that comes with the app will zoom to Level 10. This mapset will provide whole of Australia map detail to 144K (Zoom Level 13, with overzoom on higher levels Level 14-16). This version can be used on iPads, iPhones, Android phones/tablets, & Windows 10 devices. This version of the EOTopo mapset consists of 4 map pack downloads managed within the app. Once you have installed the app you can download the map files within the app as prompted. There are 5 offline map files to download in the app - the Base Map of Australia is free and is included with the app, but to unlock the more detailed zoom levels you will need the EOTopo App Version to download the additional 4 map packs:- 577K Australia, 144K East, 144K Central, 144K West. The maps will require a total of 5.4GB storage (either internal or SD card), with the 144K packs being 1.8GB each. Go to EOTopo 2019 App Version

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