EOTopo History: 30 Jan 2015 - 2015.1 (Online, Download & Media)

Friday, Jan 30, 2015 at 12:08


A new minor version of EOTopo was released today being 2015.1. This update added a data layer that was removed from previous release of EOTopo as it was at the time decided that the 'Shaded Relief' layer would supersede the 'Deformation Areas' layer. A re-evaluation of the 'Deformation Areas' data layer was undertaken and a decision to re-instate this data was made. This update only affects the the 200K series maps and all other scales have retained the 2015 version numbers.

During this update a new import of the ExplorOz Places data was undertaken and the POI data both on the 200K maps and in the Name Search files is current as at 19 Jan 2015. Additionally on the 200K maps the POI symbol images were reduce in size by approx 20% this recovers some map detail around the POI's whilst maintaining good readability and clarity of the symbols.

See EOTopo Online & EOTopo Downloads.
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