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Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014 at 17:46


EOTrackMe: Made a scripting change to the map page display for EOTrackMe devices to auto check for position updates every 60 secs and refresh the map automatically if the device has moved. The mouse cursor will change to a waiting cursor when the check is conducted every 60 secs.

jQuery UI: Updated to the latest release being 1.10.4. Along with this update the following plugins have been updated: qTip2 V2.2.0, Dynatree V1.2.5, Timepicker V1.4.3. This update also effected the main site.css file to provide new inherited styles to override the latest jQueryUI style sheet. Various font adjustments to buttons and tabs included.

Classifieds: Added two new categories and removed one. Added - Businesses & Jobs and House Sitting. Removed Motorbikes as these should be listed in Vehicles. Adjusted categories system to support ad types for listings as Businesses & Jobs is set to be used by Dealer Listings only.

Forum: In line with jQuery UI styles the links at the top to the Terms or Use and other documents have been made to a single button linked to the index of all forum documentation.

Minor other site page updates to support the larger button font, Members Public Profile, Road Conditions, Rating/Feedback tabs and others.
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