Western Australia

Western Australia, the largest state, comprises 2.5 million sq km. With a population of 1.8 million it is the 4th most populated state in Australia. 40% of the state is located within the tropical zone - the rest is in the temperate zone where the capital city Perth is located. WA is 8 hours ahead of GMT.
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North West of Kununurra are rugged sandtone ranges, ancient volcanic rock, open woodlands and mangrove swamps while the west is marked by ancient limestone reef that has eroded to form gorges and caves that finally blend into the sandy plains of Broome.[Feature Story]
The Pilbara encompasses the remote & breathtaking coastal strip from Port Hedland to Onslow. Easily accessible to the inland gorges of Millstream-Chichester NP, Tom Price mining and Newman.
WA CoastWA Coast
The West coast of Australia is one huge stretch of white sandy beach and turquoise water. You can follow it the whole way from Exmouth in the north to Augusta in the south at the end of the Indian Ocean. Vastly different to the east coast.
WA South CoastWA South Coast
The region from Augusta to Esperance through Pemberton and Albany is one of the most magnificent stretches of untamed coast. A beautiful area full of shipwreck history, great 4WD treks, wineries and tall forests with a pleasantly cooler climate.
Western DesertsWestern Deserts
The most rugged and remote area in Australia, the Western Deserts region covers a vast area of Western Australia. The last frontier where the challenges to the 4WDer are many but the rewards gained are even greater.

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Agnew LoopAgnew Loop
The Agnew Loop is one of two Leonora loop treks, each providing two very different themes. Starting at Leonora, located in the Northern Goldfields of WA, this trek focuses on the Social History, retelling stories of the goldrush and subsequent settlement of the region. This trek features roughly 15 interpretive sites, with rusty steel story tellers at each site,
Anne Beadell HighwayAnne Beadell Highway
An inland alternative to travelling the Nullarbor, the Anne Beadell trek offers remoteness, isolation and unique vegetation and wildlife.
Black PointBlack Point
The stretch of coast between Augusta and Pemberton is inaccessible to 2WD but if you've got a 4WD you will love this trek. Excellent camping, the magnificent basalt pillars of Black Point and Jasper Beach are the major highlights.
Bullfinch to Goongarrie StationBullfinch to Goongarrie Station
Bullfinch to Goongarrie Station takes the traveller through part of the Great Western Woodlands, and into remote country near the Mount Manning Nature Reserve. Starting at the small town of Bullfinch and ending at Goongarrie Station run by DEC, passing through Lake Ballard and Menzies,
Bungle Bungle - Purnululu NPBungle Bungle - Purnululu NP
The Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park is one of the world's most fascinating geological landmarks. Numerous adventures await those that visit by 4WD enabling you to walk deep into the chasms and gorges.
Canning Stock RouteCanning Stock Route
The Canning Stock Route is a long-distance remote stretch of track through the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. No longer in use as a stock route this is now a vehicular track allowing access to the wells constructed as stock watering holes.[Feature Story]
Carnarvon RangeCarnarvon Range
The little known Canarvon Range is nestled between the Canning Stock Route and Kumarina Road House. Originally discovered by John Forrest, this range rises majestically out of the spinifex plain; it has gorges, rockholes, waterfalls and aboriginal art. Few people visit the range and its environs; it’s a 4Wdriving paradise and a magical place to visit. NOTE Effective June 2010 until further notice,
Cave Hill WoodlinesCave Hill Woodlines
This 4WD trek takes you back to the days when the gold mining industry needed timber as its main energy source. Thus, the vast network of tramway lines to carry it was created until the mid 1960s when it was no longer viable.
Connie Sue HwyConnie Sue Hwy
Named after the daughter of Len and Anne Beadell, the very remote Connie Sue Highway runs over 650kms from the railway town of Rawlinna to the Aboriginal community of Warburton.
Darlot LoopDarlot Loop
The Darlot Loop is one of two Leonora loop treks, with this one taking you through the many and varied landscapes of the north eastern Goldfields. This self drive trek focuses heavily on the Natural History of the region and features roughly 15 interpretive sites, with rusty steel story tellers at each site, providing a first person account of the site in general.
David Carnegie RoadDavid Carnegie Road
The David Carnegie Rd is a little travelled track between the Great Central Rd and the Gunbarrel Hwy. It is a spectacular piece of country with rocky outcrops, spinifex plains and breakaways and in parts challenging 4WDing with deep ruts and washaways.
DEntrecasteaux NP - Eastern SectionD'Entrecasteaux NP - Eastern Section
Starting at Northcliffe, this trek features great coastal scenery with a taste of tall karri forests. The roads and tracks mainly vary from well formed gravel to soft sand. Windy Harbour is a charming hamlet with fabulous coastal outlooks from the drive around Point D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Also not to be missed is the short 30 minute walk with interpretive details up Mount Chudalup,
DEntrecasteaux NP - Western SectionD'Entrecasteaux NP - Western Section
Starting at Northcliffe, this trek features great coastal scenery together with large stretches of tall karri forest. The roads and tracks mainly vary from well formed gravel to soft sand. Key features are the extensive Yeagarup and Callcup dune systems, the track into Lake Jasper and on to Jasper Beach and Black Point,
Donnybrook to Augusta via Black PointDonnybrook to Augusta via Black Point
Starting at Donnybrook, this trek features great forest scenery, from jarrah/marri in the north to tall magnificent tall karri in the south, then continuing to spectacular basalt rock coastal scenery at Black Point and on to Augusta via peppermint lined coastal tracks.
Dunns TrackDunns Track
Dunn’s Track is a long forgotten route used by the early prospectors of the eastern goldfields of WA. The trek heads south to the abandoned town of Dundas, through Peak Charles NP and then onto Ravensthorpe.
Eagle HwyEagle Hwy
The Eagle Hwy is a very isolated track in the Gibson Desert. At the northern end it can take you to the Gary Highway or the Talawanna Track and the southern end finishes at the Gunbarrel Hwy
East Pilbara DiversionEast Pilbara Diversion
A great alternative trip avoiding the highways that is both a shortcut and very scenic. Shay Gap to Marble Bar and then along the Ripon Hills and Skull Springs loop around Carrawine Gorge and Eel Pool.
Fitzgerald River National ParkFitzgerald River National Park
This trek takes you through one of Western Australia’s most significant bio-diversity areas. Enjoy the white beaches and access some of the best isolated coastal camping and fishing spots in the state.
Gibb River RoadGibb River Road
The Gibb River Road is the 4WD option of the 2 main routes crossing the Kimberley from east to west (or vice versa) and provides access to the numerous gorges that are the main highlight.
Goldfields LoopGoldfields Loop
Go back to the turbulent days when new towns sprouted soon after a gold find only to turn to ruins after the gold dried up. The trek paints the picture of the gold rush days in WA, the jubilance and hardships faced and the towns that survived.
Great Central RoadGreat Central Road
Part of the "Outback Way", the Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central Australia and links WA to NT. It is widely used by buses, trucks, 4WD and occasionally 2WD vehicles.
Great Western WoodlandsGreat Western Woodlands
This route offers fascinating insights into the woodline operations that supplied fuel and pit infrastructure to the Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie and Norseman mining operations for the first half of the 20th century, as well as remnants of sandalwood cutting operations. It traverses arid temperate woodlands of outstanding diversity and ecological importance.
Gunbarrel HighwayGunbarrel Highway
The Gunbarrel Hwy is one of Australia's most famous roads being the first of many desert tracks built by surveyor Len Beadell. Today, this track remains isolated and remote - for experienced desert travellers only.
Heather HighwayHeather Highway
This track is a quick and easy way to get from the Great Central Road through to the Abandoned Section of the Old Gunbarrel Highway. Even though it does not offer many of the scenic features that other tracks offer in the area, it is still an interesting drive and provides relief from those torturous corrugations that you may have encountered further out on the Old Gunbarrel Highway.
Holland TrackHolland Track
From Broome Hill to Coolgardie, the Holland Track was originally built in the gold rush days as a shortcut to the Goldfields. Hardly ever visited for nearly 100 years, it was re-cut as a 4WD track in 1992 and is a popular trip with locals.
Hunt Oil RoadHunt Oil Road
This remote trek links the Gunbarrel Hwy with the Great Central Road. It passes via Mount Worsnop and past the Hunt Oil road camps and drilling sites.
Hyden Norseman RoadHyden Norseman Road
Also known as the Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail, this is a delightful journey with lots to see and do. Best of all it's suitable for all vehicles along a well maintained wide gravel road.
Kalumburu is a unique aboriginal settlement in the far northern Kimberley. With an entry permit, the Kalumburu community welcome visitors to visit their beaches and to enjoy superb reef and river fishing.
Karijini National ParkKarijini National Park
Located in the northwest Pilbara region and covering over 6200 square kilometres, Karijini NP is the second largest national park in Western Australia. People from all over Australia and around the world come to marvel at the impressive gorges within the park.
Kidson Track - WAPET RoadKidson Track - WAPET Road
The Kidson track from 80 Mile Beach to Near Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route. This route is also know as Wapet Road.
Lakewood WoodlinesLakewood Woodlines
The Lakewood woodline area is located south of Boulder and east of Norseman and has hundreds of kilometres of bush tracks. You will see the remains of old railway formations, lines of rotting sleepers and evidence of woodcutter's camps.
Minilya Exmouth RoadMinilya Exmouth Road
This sealed road trek is suited for vehicles towing caravans and camper trailers heading to Exmouth from Coral Bay. The Minilya Exmouth Road heads north of Coral Bay for over 150kms passing the massive Learmonth RAAF Base & Airport and Kailis Fisheries.
Mitchell PlateauMitchell Plateau
The major attraction of the northern Kimberley region is the majestic Mitchell Falls. Access by 4WD is challenging on both vehicle and occupants as this is a remote area. No food, fuel or mechanical services are available at Mitchell Falls itself.
Ningaloo Reef AdventureNingaloo Reef Adventure
Just about every West Australian has heard of Ningaloo, but surprisingly, its an oddity to most other Australians. Located between Exmouth and Coral Bay about 1200km north of Perth, Ningaloo is about 300 km long and is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. Camping is permitted in the Cape Range National Park (basic facilities) and within station properties (BYO eco-toilets).
Norseman to Balladonia Overland Telegraph TrackNorseman to Balladonia Overland Telegraph Track
Follow a little known track that runs adjacent to the old telegraph line from Coolgardie to Eucla. Journey alongside pristine salmon and gimlet woodlands, salt lakes, and rocky outcrops, and explore the relics from WA's rich gold mining history.
Northern Yilgarn Conservation ReservesNorthern Yilgarn Conservation Reserves
The area covered by this trek is very ecologically diverse; containing woodlands, heathlands, iron ore range country and extensive mulga in the north. Start at Southern Cross with a short detour to Lake Seabrook through to Koolyanobbing. Then onto the Helena and Aurora Ranges; to Kurrajong Rock and northwest through Mt Manning Nature Reserve. Then north to Mt Elvire and return south to Bullfinch.
Nuytsland Nature ReserveNuytsland Nature Reserve
This trek takes you through some very remote southern coastal country along Telegraph Track through the pristine Nuytsland Nature Reserve.
Paraburdoo to Murchison via Mt AugustusParaburdoo to Murchison via Mt Augustus
This trek cuts straight down the middle from Paraburdoo to Murchison and it's a great scenic alternative from the North West Coastal Highway and the Great Northern Highway.
Perth to Coral BayPerth to Coral Bay
This highway based trek note follows Route No. One up the WA coast to the tourist Mecca of Coral Bay. Take in the coastal towns of the Batavia Coast, including Dongara and Geraldton - maybe staying overnight or two before reaching the southern gateway to the Ningaloo Reef.
Powerline TrekPowerline Trek
This is a popular 4WD day-trek close to Perth. Previously full of exciting challengings in muddy winter conditions, the track has been repaired to ensure your chances of getting bogged are removed. It still provides steep rocky inclines and good scenery.
Puntawarri TrackPuntawarri Track
The Puntawarri Track is an east-west track situated between Jigalong and the Canning Stock Route (CSR). The track joins the CSR at Canning’s Cairn in the Durba Hills.
Quobba CoastQuobba Coast
Quobba Coast is a spectacular and rugged stretch of coastline in the Gascoyne region of WA. Red Bluff - located on Quobba Station tames the ruggedness, with its sheltered bay - ideal for camping, swimming, snorkelling, fishing and surfing.
Rason Lake RoadRason Lake Road
For those people that are travelling the Great Victoria Desert area and are looking for an alternative route to or from the Laverton area, the Rason Lakes Road makes a very interesting drive, covering a vast array of scenery and vegetation.
Rudall RiverRudall River
Rudall River National Park (Aboriginal name - Karlamilyi) is 1.3 million hectares in size and is the largest and the most remote National Park in Western Australia. It is 420kms east from Marble Bar and it should only be accessed by 4WD vehicles.
Sandy Blight Junction RoadSandy Blight Junction Road
The Sandy Blight Junction Road is one of those great four wheel drive trips that one visit will not be enough to experience the true beauty of this remote part of Outback Australia.
Shark Bay and Monkey MiaShark Bay and Monkey Mia
This arid coastal area has extraordinary appeal.The World Heritage listed Shark Bay area is home to more than a few unique natural wonders including living stromatolites, dugongs and dolphins.
Steep PointSteep Point
This trek heads towards Steep Point - the most westerly point of the Australian mainland. Vehicle access is by 4WD only. After returning to the main junction (approx 8kms south of Cloughs Bar), the second part of the trek heads towards Crayfish Bay.
Stockyard GullyStockyard Gully
These caves are located some 250 km north of Perth. It's an easy 1 day trek from Perth with only a short section of sandy, limestone outcropped track to reach the caves.
Tjukayirla CavesTjukayirla Caves
The Tjukayirla Roadhouse situated approximately half way between Laverton and Warburton in Western Australia on the Great Central Road now has something very special on offer besides a top place to stay – a series of recently discovered Aboriginal Art Site caves in the Great Victoria Desert.
Toolinna CoveToolinna Cove
This trek takes you from Balladonia Road House, across the vast almost treeless grasslands of the Nullarbor, then through the thickly wooded areas to Toolinna Cove at the Baxter Cliffs. On the way you will visit Five Ways Well, a number of sink holes, ruins of a telegraph linesman’s hut, rock holes and a tank. Then you reach the spectacular 75 metre high Baxter’s Cliffs at Toolinna Cove.
Warren Beach DunesWarren Beach Dunes
This trek, which starts in Pemberton, takes you through the Brockman, D'Entrecasteaux and Warren National Parks and provides spectacular scenery ranging from towering karri forests to endless sand dunes reminiscent of the Sahara.
Wedge Island Beach RunWedge Island Beach Run
Access within the Defence Area is now closed, however beach run ok with extreme caution as you will need to travel on soft sand below the high water mark.
West Great Victoria DesertWest Great Victoria Desert
This trek covers the western section of the Great Victoria Desert and is definately 4WD country. If you take this route you will follow in the footsteps of explorers Frank Hann, The Elder Expedition and Len Beadell.
West Hamersley Ranges and Woongarra PoolWest Hamersley Ranges and Woongarra Pool
This short trip takes advantage of recent exploration work undertaken by BHP Billiton as well as a station track to the Pool which lies on a picturesque length of the Beasley River and which provides excellent camping.
Popular with locals, this track is one of the rare locations near metro Perth where you can legally drive amongst the sand dunes and get onto the beach line. This trek is suitable for most levels of experience.
Windjana Gorge and Tunnel CreekWindjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek
Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Geikie Gorge are three of the best natural attractions in the Kimberley.

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