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Cairns Queensland 4870
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Our trailers are Built in Cairns to handle the Ruggered Cape York. Established since 1997 we offer one of the largest fleets in North Queensland. Hook up in CAIRNS and enjoy an Australian out back holiday. RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY is what gives peace of mind knowing you are hiring a camping trailer designed and built with the experience and knowledge of the well-traveled roads of Cape York. Wanting to fly to Cairns and Pick up a hire 4WD and camper trailer. We have packages available. Discover the Top End & Cape York in comfort and style with Top End Camper Trailers. Built for the total off road experience to handle the outback and tough roads conditions with ease. Sleep up to 6 people in most models with large and easy access storage space all models offer Camp kitchen and are built to be dust proof and waterproof for the extreme out back condition. An Australain Designed and Built Product.

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