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Welcome to HKB Electronics the home of the Alternator Voltage Booster, the alternator voltage booster is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.
The Alternator Voltage Booster was the first of its type on the market and is the only unit available that was has been purpose built for alternator voltage boosting.
The alternator voltage booster is an essential item when installing a dual battery system in modern vehicle that has a low output voltage alternator. The alternator voltage booster is the simplest and cheapest way to obtain a suitable charge voltage for the main and dual battery, it will increase the alternator output voltage by approximately .5V - .6V giving a much improved charge voltage for your batteries and greatly reducing the time it takes to recharge them. Why buy an expensive DC/DC charger when this will do the job at a fraction of the cost?
* Units are available in all common fuse profiles.
* Easy installation, simply replaces existing fuse.
* Maintains or betters existing fuse protection.
* MK1 & MK2 units incorporate fuseable links for circuit protection.
* MK3 units incorporate a self resetting electronic circuit breaker.
The Alternator Voltage Booster is also ideal for the following applications:
* When a conventional lead acid battery is being replaced by a calcium hybrid type.
* High performance engine improvements.
* Maximising the output power on high power car audio equipment.
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