EOTopo: EOTopo with OziExplorer (Full PC Version)

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 at 16:52


Compatible with EOTopo SD/USB or Download, OziExplorer (Full PC Version) is a digital map viewing and navigation program available for use on Windows Laptops/Netbooks and Tablets. A GPS Receiver (either internal or external) is required to use this program for navigation.

OZF4 files are optimised for use with OziExplorer, so you will only require this particular format for use in any of the OziExplorer Software options.

The first thing that you need to determine is the destination folders configured in OziExplorer to source Maps and Name Search files from OziExplorer.

To find this, go to “Configuration” in OziExplorer, on the “System” tab it will display the file path for both the OziExplorer “Maps” and “Data” folders. From your EOTopo SD or USB you will need to copy the folder named “OZF” to your OziExplorer “Maps” folder, and the two files in the EOTopo's “Name Search” folder to the OziExplorer "Name Search" folder (found by going up one folder from “Data").


The below image shows the Configuration menu in OziExplorer, and the corresponding folders as found in Windows File Explorer. To go direct to the relevant folder, click on the "Folder" button next to the relevant File Path.
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