EOTopo: EOTopo with OziExplorer Android

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 at 17:11


Purchase Notes:

Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, OziExplorer Android is a map viewing and navigation program available for use on Android Smartphones and Tablets. This program is not available for purchase from ExplorOz. To download and purchase OziExplorer for Android, please go direct to the OziExplorer Android Page.

ExplorOz have developed a custom interface (otherwise known as a "skin") for OziExplorer Android, called EOZi. EOZi is an add-on to the base program and is designed for ease of usability when using EOTopo maps in the OziExplorer Android program. At under $10, it's well worth it.

EOTopo Set-up:

The Configuration Menu in OziExplorer Android is found by clicking on the Show Menu icon on the far bottom left of the Screen, then click “Main Menu”, then “Configuration”, then “General Settings”, this will show you the Map File and Data File Paths.

You can either transfer the maps to the relevant folders as per the instructions for OziExplorer full version, or if you have limited storage space on the device, you can insert the EOTopo SD Card into your Android device and can change the file paths – for Maps configure this to the OZF folder, and for Data configure this to the Name Search Folder.


The below image shows the Main Menu, General Settings and Configuration Menu for OziExplorer Android. The Configuration Menu allows you to view/change the Map and Data File Paths.
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